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  1. Scarlet_Nape

    Possibly moving to Seagoville/Dallas area...where's the best spots at

    I've found the inspections on our trucks are very easy and quick. If one place gives you fits, drive to the next one. I doubt you'll have many problems getting it passed.
  2. Scarlet_Nape


  3. Scarlet_Nape

    6.0 catalytic converter and Texas law

    I don't know all the "legalize" regarding emmisions, but I've never had any problems with inspections here (I know I have a 2000). Once they know its a diesel, the inspection lasts about 5 mins. Once, they didn't even drive it....just slapped the sticker on it.
  4. Scarlet_Nape

    Police Station Shooting In Texas Today

    Really makes you wonder why people snap like that??:dunno Everyone they've interviewed that knew him never saw this coming.
  5. Scarlet_Nape

    Announcement Happy Birthday Captain!

    Sorry I'm late, Mike, but happy b-day! I hope you got out for a nice ride!;tu
  6. Scarlet_Nape

    Happy birfday boatr

    Happy belated, Gand-pa!!!:tounge
  7. Scarlet_Nape

    photos Anyone have these 20's on their truck?

    I have the 951s, but they are 17"s. :dunno
  8. Scarlet_Nape

    Question Tire Choice - Mickey Thompson ATZ

    True, words. I'm wouldn't give up my "poor" life for anything. :) Give a shout when you get back. We need to get together again, soon.:sweet
  9. Scarlet_Nape

    Question Tire Choice - Mickey Thompson ATZ

    Single, no kids, good job = LOADED :D
  10. Scarlet_Nape

    My Graduate........

    Congratulations to all three of y'all, Lance!! Very cool! :clap:
  11. Scarlet_Nape

    Firefox 3

    X2 I miss some of my add-ons. :watchout
  12. Scarlet_Nape

    Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall photo

    :clap: Gave me goose-bumps.
  13. Scarlet_Nape

    Lock up your daughters!!!!

    What a playa!!!:lmao Too dang cute! Going to have to get him some ridin' boots, though. :D
  14. Scarlet_Nape

    Hoss 350 Update

    Excellent news, Hoss! Very happy to hear it. :clap:
  15. Scarlet_Nape

    A few pictures of Iraq

    Dang, that's a big ant!!:eek: And, Mike, I can't believe you didn't make your bed!!!:D:tounge:lmao Cool pics! Hope you stay safe and cool.:cold 3
  16. Scarlet_Nape

    New to the site today

    Ditto!:tex Welcome, neighbor!!!;)
  17. Scarlet_Nape

    I Finally Have A Website, Whatta Think?

    I like the simple clean look of it, Stephen!:sweet
  18. Scarlet_Nape

    Leveling kit to get tires to fit....DFW AREA..HELP

    Looks great! Love the two-tone scheme on your truck.:sweet
  19. Scarlet_Nape

    North Texas Weather PSA..........

    In "redneckville", when the sirens go off, everyone grabs their beers and video cameras and run outside.:doh: Wish I could say I've never done that. :D Last night was pretty crazy, but it looks like it will be a small 'un compared to tonights storms. Just another day in paradise!:thumbs:dizzy
  20. Scarlet_Nape

    Happy Birthday CHPMustang!

    Sorry I'm a little late, Bill, but happy birthday!!!:Birthday 10
  21. Scarlet_Nape

    New Guy from CO

    I'm jealous! My grandparents lived outside of Cedaredge most of my youthful years. I spent almost every summer (June-August) with them. I truly miss the Grand Mesa!:(
  22. Scarlet_Nape

    New Guy from CO

    Welcome, Randy! What a part of the Western Slope?

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