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    Help choosing transmission!

    Hey I’ve finally decided that I’m going to auto – manual conversion in my truck. I’m wondering what transmission is going to be best when I switch out the 4R100? I’ve heard that if I installed ZF-6 I’d have to do something to the transfer case? I don’t know, I’m not familiar with Ford’s Drive...
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    Transmission HELP!

    1999 F-250 SuperDuty 7.3 Powerstroke, Reg. Cab long bed, 148,000 miles So lately the past couple of day's have been hell. Besides the fact I had knee surgery from a motocross accident, physical therapy 3 times a week for 2 1/2 hours a day, destroyed cell phone by dropping into bucket of...
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    Question re. steering damper

    While he was driving the truck before the lift and new shocks, did the wheel rock as it does now or not as much or not at all? I'd check the power steering fluid and replace if needed, and bleed it. Jack up the front end with the wheels off the ground and move the wheel from side to side and...
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    levelling kit and 37's

    I'd have to say it may be possible and not. I have a buddy of mine who has a 05 psd and had 35's on it and only rubbed full lock barely. I have a 99 with a 6.5" lift and 38.50/15.50 super swamper boggers and they dont touch a thing. So not knowing much about how much tread you can fit under a...
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    note Fuel mileage after some changes

    Thats an impressive gain in mpg's! Well Putting into consideration, replacing the turbo that had 170K and being 8-9 years under the hood, cleaning up the boost pipes and the boots being before you did this work being that loose you could easily of been loosing 3-4 psi or more of boost, cleaning...
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    bigger tires

    If your just in the market for new tires and want a slightly larger diameter then you could clear 33's but if you either plan on muddin or if you live in an area that has heavy snow or rough terrian, i'd have to say put a simple lift on your truck, just enough to clear 35's. Not knowing so much...
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    Wheel finish problems!

    Well after gimpin around i busted out the mothers power ball and my super duper amazing wax! hahah, took about 10 minutes to get stuff set up and started with the pre-wax polish and then the sealer, well took around 1/2 hour to do all 4 wheels and they still need some more work, they still have...
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    Wheel finish problems!

    They are clear coated, and i've yet to even put any wax on yet on them due to the fact i havent been to the strip or the shows due to the fact i destroyed my ACL, besides that the ONLY wax i use and that body shops around me swear by it and even remove the labels off the bottles so people dont...
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    Wheel finish problems!

    Hey ya'll i recently got a set of mickey thompson classic 2's aluminum and there clear coated. I went muddin with a buddy of mine and the next day at work he had decided to clean my truck for me "nice guy" but the degreaser we have a our work is very strong, for cleaning up under the hoods and...
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    Hey new member and got some ?? for ya'll!

    The vibration is comming from the front because i can feel it in the gas pedal and it does it more whenever its on the highest tune but back at stock tune its still there but hardly at all, and it did it even before i installed the lift...
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    Hey new member and got some ?? for ya'll!

    Hey ya'll i'm new here and just recently destroyed my knee and had to get it totally replaced so i'm going crazy not drivin but i got some ? and i'm sure some of ya'll got the answers. I've got a 1999 7.3 F-250 superduty powerstroke AUTO, 6.5" procomp lift, 16.5x12" mickey thompson classic 2...

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