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  1. AlaskaRedneK

    Roll Call Alaska!

    Chuuugiak.. cough cough haha. Cant go wrong w/ anwhere ER or north. A AK SDD meet'n greet would be a cool summer get together for sure. -Matt
  2. AlaskaRedneK

    Browning Silver Shotguns

    I dont see the Silver. But the gold, I have a Gold Hunter 3.5" and I like it alot. :thumbs -Matt
  3. AlaskaRedneK

    Headed to Fort Worth!

    Make sure to keep me updated :sweet -Matt
  4. AlaskaRedneK

    Headed to Fort Worth!

    What day are you guys gunna be there? -Matt
  5. AlaskaRedneK

    Headed to Fort Worth!

    Hey guys. I finally booked my tickets tonight. I will be in the Fortworth area from June 27-July 5. So I should be there for the pulls in Whitewright (i think it is). Any of you all going to these? If so, what day? Anything else in that time period that may be interesting (or any drags!), or...
  6. AlaskaRedneK

    Prom- AKrednek style.. Carhartt suite!

    Hey guys. I just thought you all might enjoy some pictures I took last night. I had a custom suite made for me, out of carhartt fabric. Made to my tight specifications- tripple stiching, rivits, genuine carhartt buttons and logo. Needless to say, it was a definite hit w/ the ladies:sly...
  7. AlaskaRedneK

    Texas members, need help finding drags!

    CHP, thanks for that info. But those pulls at whitewright, where can i find out info on them? I need to find dates and such. And anyone else know of any diesel pulls drags in the fortworth vicinity? Thanks again, -Matt
  8. AlaskaRedneK

    Texas members, need help finding drags!

    Hey guys, I have an opportunity to visit a buddy in the Lone Star state (Fort Worth) this summer, and he asked me when I wanted to go..... so I wanna figure out when either some diesel drags or pulls are gunna be, and where at. Where can I go to find this out? Thanks in advance:hail -Matt
  9. AlaskaRedneK

    New truck, which one?

    Ditto that. The hardest part is finding one that is in good shape, that is for sale. Best of luck, -Matt
  10. AlaskaRedneK

    Need an Intercooler

    Im going to install my set up next weekend. What I did was buy the twin ram intake and the turbo outlet from banks ($320), got a stock 7.3L IC ($110), got boots and clamps, and pipes from Fordpowerstroke73($175), and am going to throw it all together. I think it will work great. And all those...
  11. AlaskaRedneK

    Tranny Problems

    Hmm, I dont know much about trannys, but that dosnt sound like a filter problem..... Hope someone w/ more experience can tell you whats wrong :eek: Best of Luck! -Matt
  12. AlaskaRedneK

    99-03 hpop

    I would just get one from International. I believe the PN is: 1P2589446C91, and runs $317.29 plus $225 core. Im gunna get one and put it in after I get my $5K dollar Tranny this spring :eek: :eek: :sweet -Matt
  13. AlaskaRedneK

    Bad oil temp sensor- Culpret of RUFF idle?

    I put a new EOTS in, and the code went away, but it still has a wierd idle. It does NOT buck, just idles ruff. Maybe its not getting enough fuel pressure? How do I check that? And what is right psi, and how do I modify it to get it? Thanks:doh: -Matt
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    :sweet :sweet -Matt
  15. AlaskaRedneK

    programmer back on

    Sounds good!:sweet -Matt
  16. AlaskaRedneK

    Injector replacement

    No, you have to get it scanned w/ a dealership style one. Most automotive shops have them. I think its like 65 bucks to scan where I went one time. Could vary more or less tho. Ask for a cylinder contribution test. -Matt
  17. AlaskaRedneK

    Injector replacement

    Does it have a "Miss"? or a bad idle? If so, it could have a bad O-Ring or two, you are well in the range of O-Ring failure. -Matt
  18. AlaskaRedneK

    Intercooler or Water/Methanol injection?

    To ward and others who want to add an intercooler... What I did is bought the intake and outlet tube from banks (320 shipped), then am having Fordpowrstroke73 bend me pipes. Then all you need is an intercooler (you can get them off ebay for about 100-150 when they are up), boots and clamps...
  19. AlaskaRedneK

    Bad oil temp sensor- Culpret of RUFF idle?

    Hey guys, I have been having a rather RUFF idle. I initially thought it was a bad O-ring, but I got my truck scanned today and my OTS turned up as bad. My mechanic buddy told me that could be the problem, as if the computer was getting wrong info about the temp, it could be dumping lots of fuel...
  20. AlaskaRedneK

    Injector O-rings went

    The good news is that they arnt hard to replace. While yer in there you should do the DIY injector route :sweet -Matt
  21. AlaskaRedneK

    one of my friends is gettin' cocky and wants to pull w/ me

    Just dont play his game. Make sure yer ready to do whatever it is you wanna do... And like I said before, dont be dumb... Stuff breaks real easy.:doh: :sweet -Matt
  22. AlaskaRedneK

    Suncoast trannys

    Aww, that sucks man. Hope you find an even better rig. -Matt
  23. AlaskaRedneK


    You gettn any Heavy Duty Parts put in? -Matt
  24. AlaskaRedneK

    Intercooler or Water/Methanol injection?

    For lowering EGTs, git the intercooler. Its alot safer and you dont have to stop and fill up the resevour (sp?). I know banks makes a pretty nice kit that will jsut bolt right on, it includes the pipes, intake spyder, boots, clamps and the intercooler. It is not cheep (neither is water/meth)...