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    Help Needed Not running to run when cold

    Just an FYI, bad batteries took out my FICM and the 6.0 is known to be a battery killer due to the amount of energy it takes to get the HEUI injection system to pop off. You need to get the batteries tested so the FICM repair isn't done in vane.
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    Help Needed Not running to run when cold

    I did not see the ICP sensor on the list of replaced parts. You may want to check it.
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    No Start after ran out of fuel....

    DaveBen is correct, if the batteries and starter can't spin the motor fast enough for it get the oil pressure above 550PSI on the HPOP side of the oil system the truck will never start. Optima batteries are a female dog to charge if you are not using the correct battery charger to charge them...
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    starving for fuel???

    Coil packs??? I think I would find a new mechanic. If he's talking about the injector coils the only way to replace them is to replace the injectors and that's a pretty expensive proposition. Get a fuel pressure gauge on the truck and find out if it's starving for fuel and I believe that one of...
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    Best deal on 6.0 injectors?

    Find a reputable shop and buy from them. Price shopping injectors for a 6.0 is going to cost a ton down the road when you have to replace them again.
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    boost after egr delete

    With IDP's tunes in my truck it has no problem making well over 30PSI so it almost sounds like a fuel issue. This clamp let go at 32PSI towing my 5er up a long grade.
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    Question What did you do to your truck today?

    I started it for the first time in a week and I've only burned a quarter tank of diesel since I filled it up in February.
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    anyone else see the humor in this

    That would be a cool project.:sweet
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    anyone else see the humor in this

    Man, you need to get another truck to work on. You seem to have waaaaaayyyy to much time on your hands........:tounge:lmao
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    Low site activity

    Going through a divorce, no money, broken truck, slammed at work, and the list goes on........ That's my story and I'm sticking to it.:lmao
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    Question What did you do to your truck today?

    Started it for the first time in a week.......
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    Where is everybody?

    I have some not so fun personal stuff happening in my life right now, working hard, and I'm searching for a new truck at the same time. Don't think the new one's going to be a Ford though.
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    Year started out great then

    Dogman, I'm very sorry that your family is going through this but they are going to need you more than ever right now. If there is no cure spend time with your son maybe check some things off both of your bucket lists while he is still fairly healthy and do as much as can as a family. Love...
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    Question What did you do to your truck today?

    I changed the oil and gave her a bath.
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    Boot blow off

    This happened to me towing our 5er up a long steep grade pushing the truck way to hard trying to get home. BD makes and upgrade boot and clamp kit for the trucks that will help eliminate boot blow off. I fixed the blown off boot in a NAPA's parking lot with my wife's Strydex acne pads to clean...
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    Driving & Towing 5th wheel

    I would check your wheels at this point, I know up to 07 all the wheels were hub centric meaning the hub centers the wheel on the spindle. The 08 and newer have gone to a lug centric type wheel meaning it uses the lug nuts to center the wheel on the spindle. If the guy putting the wheels back on...
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    CB radio question

    Look's good, You will like the Cobra 29LX my friend has one and he really likes it.
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    6.0 with EGR delete...problems?

    Drive it hard and make it work the 6.0's are happiest getting worked hard.
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    What happened to everybody?

    It's good to see some of old familiar names showing up in here. :tounge :nudge
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    CB radio question

    Another vote for the Cobra 29 here, they have been around for ever and are very receptive to upping the power a little bit and they can be had pretty cheap as well. I've been running one in my truck since shortly after I bought the truck I've also been running a 4ft fiberglass whip on a stake...
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    Driving & Towing 5th wheel

    Seismic, your aren't running a tuner are you? I know of two trucks locally that have had tuners on them and the turbo charger grenaded taking out the motor. It's a problem with the shaft on the early 2011 production turbos and the tuner stresses it to the point of failure.
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    Still got the "mod" bug!!

    Kent, it's an uncontrollable disease. I told my self I was going to leave this truck alone but in the end I was just lying to my self. Since I bought it I have done Recon smoked mirror lights, clearance lights, third brake light, Whelen Hide-Away strobes, PTM handles and mirrors, shaved badges...
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    Question Does this diagnosis SMELL right ?

    Clean the EGR and get the batteries and charging system tested because low voltage causes weird things to happen in this trucks. I see your in Michigan and it's been cold enough lately for charging system problems to start rearing their ugly heads. What year is your truck? The early 6.0's had...
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    From odd running to not running issue.....

    Here is what I'm thinking...... 1. Oil pressure sensor is dead, because with out it the engine won't run. 2. FICM may have just said F you and quit because that's around the mileage they like to die. 3. Your batteries may be toast even though it sounds like the motor is turning over fine. 4...
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    7000 hours 6.0L diesel

    Just to give you an idea, my 06 has 174k on it and us just under 3900 hours on the motor.