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  1. bobkat

    New Owner! Bought my first diesel truck

    Congratulations on your new truck and :SDD
  2. bobkat

    New Member 7.3 litre International motor

    I own a 02' 7.3 and what I have viewed on the site here it's not unuasual to get 400,000 to 500,000 miles out these 7.3 motors like you have said.Good luck with yours and welcome to the site.
  3. bobkat

    Hi from Tennessee

    Welcome to SDD....
  4. bobkat

    Hit the big 70,000 mark

    That's 13000 less than me. :D
  5. bobkat

    fuel filter change

    bump :):):):):)
  6. bobkat

    Oil Choice Question

    Rotella T for me. I tried Amsoil -found I can't justify the added expense,I am happy with Rotella T,cost effective for me.
  7. bobkat

    Talk about the 7.3L CPS Here!

    Great write up. Had to change mine.Sloved problem,on the road again thanks.
  8. bobkat

    Fuel filter 7.3

    Always something to make life harder.Hang in there.
  9. bobkat


    hheynow,how many miles have you driven on veg?
  10. bobkat

    Happy B-day to Me

    Happy Birthday Justin. Hope you have a great day.
  11. bobkat

    gelled up tonight-not. Fuel pump failed!

    Newbe here.What is HFCM .
  12. bobkat

    Rotella T Synthetic

    Thanks Dave. Bob
  13. bobkat

    Rotella T Synthetic

    Dave does this engine oil drain valve require a washer? Bob

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