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    Rebuilding my 4R100 advice

    check out this link very good kits here
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    Bypass Filter by Racor

    check my link i have some pics of what i did.
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    FS-2500 bypass filter system

    i used amsoil single bypass set up and used hose and fitting lying around i think i have about a $100 i have pictures here at this link dzljon's photos and albums on webshots
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    I just found this!Is it true

    I believe they will, nissan has already stepped in and started a deal to put a internaional engine in the Titan. but if i were to speculate on this Ford owns Volvo and i would expect that if they make a in house diesel it will be built by volvo in one of there over sea's manufacturing plants
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    The Best Leveling Kit?

    I have the rough country 2.5 leveling kit installed on my truck adn it may just be me but it holds true to it's name "rough" it stiffened the front so much that it jarz my teeth when i hit some of those small bumps I-35E, i have had it installed since 2003 and when the right time comes around i...
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    BioDiesel and O-Rings

    viton o-rings will not be affected by bio fuel check them out at itp diesel dennis has a them for a good price..
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    Which programer

    I have had quite a bit of experience with the 6.0 and there is a trend to a lot of failures around here they all have or had a programmer on them. to me you are better off trying to do it mechanically, more efficent intercooler, better turbo, put more air in there and it like puttign a bigger...
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    Better Brakes

    Yep i have priced them but i was just thowing out options They are way way cheaper than a Stillen set up and just as effective, they say they are superior to others out there... but realisticly everything that is aftermarket is way overpriced if it is usefull, Ex. lots of people buy Banks stuff...
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    Better Brakes

    check these out
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    Road Trip Questions

    i have been using 285/75R16 Bridgestone Dueller A/T Revo's for the past 25,000 miles and have no complaints they wear good and have good off road qualities. synthetics are always better but the Dino oils Delo or Totello are also good if you keep them changed at the prescribed mileage, the Dino...
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    O/D light flashing

    Tail gunner is exactly right the sensor on the rear diff provide the speedometer sig. the sensor in the top of the tranny are input/ output shaft speed seosors to provide a % of slippage to the confuser so it can try to adjust line pressure under load. If you dont believe us just go under the...
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    New Performance center opening

    Nope i just know the guys that are opening it
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    New Performance center opening

    here is the address if you are in north texas 17887 Hwy 380 w Ponder Tx, 76259 it is opening on the 3rd of feb and will have a grand opening on the 10th. There will be a Dyno on hand and operational i have been there to see the set up and...
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    Regearing the rear end

    550's have the same 7.3L powerstroke and same 4R100 tranny, a 4:10 is the same in the S135 axle in the 550 as it is in the 10.5 used in 250's and 350's the only difference is strength and load capcity. a 4:10 is plenty.
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    03 04 05 06 6.0's whats thew difference

    ib 04 they moved the ICP from behind the turbo pedistal to the rocker cover, the HP oil rails got changes the injectors were mofified and the egr system got attention but this is just few things, in 05 the hpop was changed to a different unit and several more changes to the injection system and...
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    turbo rebuild kit

    check this out
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    Dually clearance lights

    the lights on the fender should be fine to use as signals, i have not heard of anything the would prohibit it...
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    Dually clearance lights

    there is no law that i have heard of but it looks cool, Tbar nice job:thumbs you just have to find the lights that you like and work for your need
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    opinions: F250 vs. F350

    in my experience with 3 different truck with 50's (1996 f250 sold, my 1999 and my wifes Excursion) the ball joints were all changed at about 80K all my buddies with 60's are still ticking. but that may not be the case in all trucks, also keep in mind that in 2001 the engine got powdered metal...
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    opinions: F250 vs. F350

    the 350's have a dana 60 up front wher the 250's have the 50, the rear has the same 10.5 and a added leaf giving about 400 lbs more payload, with a 3 inch block, 250's with the camper package have overloads. other than that they are the same if comparing SRW trucks also if you get the long bed...
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    6.0 head bolts

    after i add any power adder i runn it for a little while and re-torque the head to make sure that every thing is alright under the rocker cover.
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    6.0 idle time

    the only reason i can see having a idle adjustment is if you have a PTO but other than that you are getting Zero return on fuel(no miles per gallon) diesels have a really hard time warming up with out load so if you are starting it and let it warm up before you hop in it you are doing more...
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    Hipothetical Question

    I think you can if you get the connector plug from SP diesel so the EBP sensor does not set a code, adn if you have the correct thread adapter for the manifold.-popcorn
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    Really rough idle on cold startup

    rough idle is normal are you plugging it in at night? it will help, dont let it idle very long when it is cold you need to get a load on the motor to get up to temp as fast as possible but be easy on the throttle, if it is really cold you should step down to a 10W-30 motor oil.
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    My turbo has been sticking...

    it is difficult to trouble shoot anything with out experiencing it but i think that the MAP code, EBP code is directly related to the turbo malfunction, the fan speed signal not related and the KAM(keep alive memory) means the computer lost power at some time (battery disconnected) something...

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