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    Water in fuel

    I have a 2006 350 superduty and the indicator just read water in fuel......what do i do.....find an additive that removes water or replace fuel the manual and cannot find any info on thanks:tounge
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    Aftermarket hoods

    Can anyone make a suggestion for purchasing a new aftermarket hood. I have 2006 f350 sd and would like to purchase a new hood with scoops. I have been told that some of the fiberglass hoods will result in cooking the paint due to engine heat.....anybody have any info or experience with hoods...
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    How big a lift kit

    How large of a suspension lift kit can i install w/o having to make changes to steering, driveshafts and other things. I want to lift up a little bit just for a better profile but do not want to change or add any other items due to the lift. thanks 2006 f350 superduty amarillo
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    egr delete

    I would like to know what benefits there are to egr delete....and will it void warranty thanks

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