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  1. 94redbeauty

    EBPV ....... again

    That so far is the single best mod I have done, I have it on the "acuated by brake light" mode all the time, use it in town and hwy, works pretty slick for how cheap it is :D
  2. 94redbeauty

    one of my friends is gettin' cocky and wants to pull w/ me

    Thats what makes me nervous pulling people out of the ditch at random, I tell them ahead of time (wouldnt do any good anyways) that YOU hook it up and if somthing breaks on your rig its not my fault.
  3. 94redbeauty

    blinking headlight's

    I second multifunction lever, sometimes when I hit my blinker left/right with my headlights on it will kill the lights for a split second, think its all the dirt and chit in there I would imagine.
  4. 94redbeauty

    one of my friends is gettin' cocky and wants to pull w/ me

    My roomate drives an 04 cummin(g)s :doh: and I get the same chit day in and day out, there will allways be somebody who will talk chit about your rig no matter what you drive, welcome to the real world just gotta sit back and think up Chevy jokes -popcorn :D
  5. 94redbeauty


    Def. get you a sawzall, cut the old downpipe off about 3-4 inches off the turbo and one more cut on the bottom and it should come right out, thats what I did.:)
  6. 94redbeauty

    Stock Water Temp Gauge

    Put an aftermarket in, I did and its the only way to go, put er' on the A piller with pyro/boost.
  7. 94redbeauty


    I get about 2yrs out of a pair of 100/80's so yeah it kills them a bit, I dont care its worth it IMHO
  8. 94redbeauty


    I had them in, noticed a bit better, then put a pair of 100/80's in with relays and its 10x better
  9. 94redbeauty

    94 chip install

    I had to pull a couple bolts off of the inner fender to give it enough space to pull the PCM, its really not that big of a deal, though I dont know if having the running boards there would mess things up? Just try to go in from behind the ebrake assembly
  10. 94redbeauty

    Oregon version of cold air intake

    Hellava job, thats great for really rainy areas:sweet
  11. 94redbeauty

    high idle

    There are plenty of DIY directions out there to do it, I did it so anyone can :D Patrick is the man to talk to though, I have a few pics in my truck webshots of a few components, just set it up in your garage and throw it into your truck :sweet
  12. 94redbeauty

    Military Hummer tires & wheels $50.00

    I dont know if its the same on the D60's but on my rig with the 50 I have a yellow sticker on the backside of the axle upside down that says "D50" and gives the gearing "4:10" and says a few other things
  13. 94redbeauty

    digital out temp/clock/compass

    I have been looking at getting one of These and also there is This one with map lights ;)
  14. 94redbeauty

    Where Can I Get a Shift Knob?

    Your truck has a ZF6 if its a manual, as for a shift knob, been around these forums for a while and never heard of anyone putting aftermarket knobs on, I think its just a ricer thing :D
  15. 94redbeauty

    CB radio & antenna mounting

    Standard Wave Ratio's, can get a meter to check it or some of those big cobra's have them built in, want a low for the antenna, get a Wilson...
  16. 94redbeauty

    Gauge Questions

    We dont have the luxury of having a weather strip to cover the seam, but if you paint it to match it really isnt that bad. I have pyro/boost/coolant, pyro and coolant being electric and they are Sport Comp I's, pretty nice looking gauges
  17. 94redbeauty

    97 F250 PSD question

    Yeah, its a good idea to have a spare CPS, around here IH was more expensive then Ford on CPS's (thats a first) and your typical tools, fuel filter, etc. Sounds like a pretty good buy, you should be happy with it, they are good rigs
  18. 94redbeauty

    97 F-350 Exaust Question

    You could do both, can get an aftermarket "round" downpipe, clear the Cat, get a Cat delete pipe, whatever floats your boat :sweet
  19. 94redbeauty

    DUAL Exhaust

    Nice rig, dual exhaust systems are out there but it would be cheaper and easier just to do a single IMHO, welcome :D
  20. 94redbeauty

    97 F-350 Exaust Question

    Do what Casey said, the stock muffler is a straight through piece so its really no restriction. If I were you (and dont have to go through emission testing) knock the stock downpipe out and the Cat, it will sound good and breath a hellava lot better :sweet
  21. 94redbeauty

    Another Oil Leak, Oil in Valley, etc.

    Thanks Kansas, the O rings under the breather on the drivers side valve cover are blown out so oil is leaking out of there as well, ordered the O rings, of course completely wrong, send me some round one with an edge a another tiny thing, so yeah gotta run around town trying to find that. After...
  22. 94redbeauty

    Another Oil Leak, Oil in Valley, etc.

    Thanks Tx, so I am guessing you have to pull the turbo to do this? :eek: -popcorn :)
  23. 94redbeauty

    Another Oil Leak, Oil in Valley, etc.

    Ive done that, and I dont know if its just from vibration but there is oil in front puddled of HPOP, in back puddled, and can tell that its ran down the pedistal, so I dont know if the EBPV is leaking and then moving all over the valley or what...I was gonna hook up a DIY exhaust brake, think...
  24. 94redbeauty

    Another Oil Leak, Oil in Valley, etc.

    Hey guys, didnt want to hijack that other thread going, but looking at my turbo pedistal I can see oil has been coming down it, and there is oil in the valley draining off the back of the block, what should I be looking for as to tighten, replace, etc....thanks.

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