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    Dreaming of the 450 K.R.

    Hi, happy to say I just picked up an 08 KR & we just put a couple hundred miles on it. I traded an 05 f-350 & an 03 cobra for it & so far I am glad I did. I can't believe how much nicer this truck is, it's much quieter & overall just drives better! I had heard alot of bad things about the...
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    Boost pressure and intercooler hose Question

    Make sure & check the top intercooler hose, when it pops off it puts a nice little ding in your hood(which Ford also fixed). If only they didn't cheep out & kept the hood insulation it wouldn't have dented.
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    No turbo?!?!

    Check the plastic pipe thet goes from the intercooler to the air cleaner, it says tourqe to 12 nm, I had loosen up & act very similar till it poped off & I lost all power. It also put a small ding in the hood from the bolt of the clamp. Just something to check.
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    Friggen Ford and there damn 6 ohhhhhhhhhh

    IT's funny every time I hear of a new 6.0 problem I run it by my dealer since I have 2& they keep assuring me that this is a great engine in an awesome truck, which I have to agree w/ them. I had an 03 6.0 X & it ran & performed like a champ!!! My 05 dauly w/ the 6.0 is the best truck I have...
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    Paint Protection

    I purchased at a local retailer figuring that if they didn't fit right I could return them much easier. Luckily they fit perfect so it wasn't a problem, except on my wifes X a retaining clip pulled off ( my fault ) called the store & they had another one there for me tha next day. I just ordered...
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    Paint Protection

    I was just wondering if anyone w/ the painted front ends has tried using one of those clear plastic paint protection systems like what 3m makes ? When I traded in my 03 that was the only area of the truck that did't look good. If anyone knows where to buy a precut kit please post & let me know...
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    Daullie Fix

    No I didn't want to mess w/ the alignment being that the truck is only a couple months old. What I did was run a tight bead of clear marine grade silicone along the entire seam & then w/ my finger I forced it in & smoothed it out. It is hardly noticeable & after towing my 5th wheel for 800 miles...
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    Why the difference in $$$

    I just bought an 05 F-350 CC DRW 6.0, pretty much fully loaded & an 05 X Limited 6.0 w/ everything & there was a difference in price of about 2000$. It took some hard & long barganing to get the prices down & I think they just got tired of me hammering them. Plus the 350 had a 2000$ rebate & the...
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    Daullie Fix

    I know this is a minor problem but I`m on my second Daullie & the first one (2000 F-350 Lariat) the area where the wheel well extension meets the quater panel over time would abraid the paint & it looked terrible. By the time I figured out what to do to try & stop it I ended up getting a new...

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