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  1. kingkevindavid

    Question ZF6 behind my Cummins?!

    I have a 13 ram 2500 with the manual and it is rated at 660 lb/ft.
  2. kingkevindavid

    Question Hot Shot's Secret Stiction Eliminator

    I had some stiction that got worse over time. Started out just in the morning when the engine wasnt fully warmed and only when the tranny went into OD. It progressively got worse and worse over time. I went switched from Royal Purple 10W40 to Rotella T5 10W30 (at the recommendation of Scott...
  3. kingkevindavid

    New Truck???

    Little update here. I ended up buying a 2013 Ram 2500 SLT Mega Cab... never thought I would drive anything but a ford! The bottom line was the money, this truck was a lot cheaper than a comparable Ford! even though my father is probably rolling over in his grave, I am very happy with the rig...
  4. kingkevindavid

    New Truck???

    Thanks for the advice guys, everyone reiterated what i already knew. I found a 2013 F350 Crew Cab Lariat long bed that in kodiak brown that i really like. I just havent had the chance with work to even talk to them about it. My 04 has been a great truck and I love the way it pulls and plows...
  5. kingkevindavid

    New Truck???

    I have been tossing around the idea of trading in my truck along with the wifes 2010 Flex on a 2013 F350 crew cab long bed. My wife would take over the 2013 Nissan Altima that I bought a couple months ago. I sold my trucking business and now work for the Coast Guard as civilian so I bought...
  6. kingkevindavid

    Whats Happen'n Here @ ??

    Been awhile but I am still around. I sold my business and now work for the federal government (USCG) as a civilian moving bouys around the Northeast.
  7. kingkevindavid

    Bad Injector..... Again

    Mine wasn't as bad as you are describing but i was having that "wheel out of balance" feeling at highway speed (basically when the OD kicked in) I would make it kick out of OD and it was good again. At first it was only once in a while, then worse and worse until it was every day. I talked to...
  8. kingkevindavid

    Question Park Assist switch seems to be broken

    Mine quite working last year and its the best thing that could have happened. When it worked and I was plowing snow, they would get ice and snow built up and it would make all kinds of crazy noise when I would back up. Drove me crazy. I would hit the button to override it but it would turn...
  9. kingkevindavid

    MBRP 4" TB Just installed..

    I have had mine with the delete pipe and no muffler for 6 or 7 years now and love it. I would recommend the SCT tuner with custom tunes from Innovative Diesel. The change is incredible. I also have an airaid intake for better air flow.
  10. kingkevindavid

    Broken Battery Cable

    I picked up a new complete battery cable for the truck but work has kept me busy and I havent put it on yet. I normally clean and spray my battery cables every fall in anticipation of plow season, i think i just missed the area where the clamp bends down. I will check my shop but if i need...
  11. kingkevindavid

    Who has the highest miles?

    2004 with 116,000 on her and hopefully more to come. I try to treat her good to keep the odometer clicking away.
  12. kingkevindavid

    Center Console Mounting Hardware

    I have never had mine apart but how about some standard well nuts? lowes carries them, here is a link to a search at Lowes. Shop well nuts at Search Results I use them on the windshield of my Road Glide.
  13. kingkevindavid

    Broken Battery Cable

    My truck was starting and running all day, I went to start it to unhook the trailer I was using today at my shop and nothing but a single click and the gauges doing some funny stuff. Started looking around, put a battery charger on it (no help). Had a guy trying to help but as usual was...
  14. kingkevindavid

    I use a guy in West Bridgewater (only because my shop is in Brockton and its convenient) If you...

    I use a guy in West Bridgewater (only because my shop is in Brockton and its convenient) If you are familiar with West Bridgewater the shop is called Jimmys Service, its on Route 28 behind the Dutchland Drive Thru, about a half mile before Montys Cycle Shop. He had alway been very fair to me.
  15. kingkevindavid

    No Start after ran out of fuel....

    sounds like the frame mounted fuel pump. Mine went out with no warning a couple years ago. I was still getting a little fuel to the top of the motor but obviously wasnt enough...
  16. kingkevindavid

    What do you do?

    Retired U.S. Army Infantry MSG. Current Owner Operator hauling scrap metal in various forms from the junk yard to the processor (all local work, I have had enough of the "away time")
  17. kingkevindavid

    Remote Starters?

    I actually had mine installed at Best Buy 4 or 5 years ago and it has been great. They were able to set the delay to 30 seconds, which is plenty of time even on the coldest New England mornings. I believe it was under $300.00 as well.
  18. kingkevindavid

    Wife needs a new car

    Take a look at the Flex, you wouldn't think they have much room but when we bought my wifes Limited in 2010 we looked at the Expedition, Explorer, the Honda Pilot and a couple Toyotas. None had the room like the Flex does. I am 6'4 and can sit in the back seat no problem, even with the front...
  19. kingkevindavid

    Air Conditioning Issue

    I did crawl under it yesterday and the clutch wasn't turning with the AC on. I wiggled the wires which did nothing then I taped the clutch a couple times and it kicked on but shut off a couple seconds later. I tapped it a few more times but couldn't get it to engage again. I think I will...
  20. kingkevindavid

    Air Conditioning Issue

    Thanks for the responses guys, I am going to head out and wiggle both wires to see what happens. I was under it today for the first time with the AC on and the clutch was not turning. I drove it for awhile and it started working then stopped again. I will update with what I find. I...
  21. kingkevindavid

    Air Conditioning Issue

    I am having some AC problems. Let me start by saying I haven't even looked at the thing yet but I would like a few Ideas. I am far from a AC mechanic so be easy. I thought my AC was low a couple weeks ago so I added a can to the system. The can didn't really make a difference. I drove...
  22. kingkevindavid

    Electric Brake Controls

    it is tough to see but if you look up under the dash it is to the right of the fuel pedal. It is a ways up so you have to look hard. Took me a bit to find mine when I put it in. I also want to say that it is attached to a metal bracket. I basically just looked for the only plug with nothing...
  23. kingkevindavid

    MBRP Exhaust

    I am running the aluminized that I installed 5 or 6 years ago for the same reason you did, price. I was in the Army and lived in NC. when I installed it but have lived back in MA. for the last three years since I retired. The aluminized has held up very well, I plow snow with mine so it sees...
  24. kingkevindavid

    Question Blue spring

    The blue spring mod helped my truck immensely. I never checked my fuel pressure but I think it was a little low. I dont remember the exact numbers but I believe the blue spring brings fuel pressure up to 60-65 PSI where the stock spring has fuel pressure around 45 PSI. Anything lower than the...
  25. kingkevindavid

    Simple Green in coolant system

    If you have a local guy you trust you would probably be better to let them flush it. I had my guy do my radiator and tranny at the same time (100,000 on the coolant and 50,000 on the tranny) and I believe it was under $200.00. no mess no worries.

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