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  1. '57turbo

    Question Turn signal return

    I have a '02 Crew cab and the turn signal will not return after a right hand turn but will return from a left hand turn . Will it be the turn/wiper switch or is there a return cam on the steering column shaft?? I would appreciate any insight. Thanks, Duane
  2. '57turbo

    trans tourqe question

    How was the swap on the coolers? what mods were required?
  3. '57turbo

    transmission lines

    trans lines :slyThanks guys.:notworthy
  4. '57turbo

    transmission lines

    Does anyone know which line is the return fluid line for the automatic transmission for an '02 f 250?? The front or the back line?:dunno
  5. '57turbo

    edge evolution

    reply I appreciate the info. The more info the better:sweet Thanks, Duane
  6. '57turbo

    edge evolution

    Anyone out there have the new Edge Evolution? Looking for some insite on programers before I purchase one. Not wanting a race truck just a little pep and milage if Ican keep my foot out of it.:D
  7. '57turbo

    trans tourqe question

    Does anyone know the amount of tourqe increase from a programmer is at which I will need to consider an upgrade on the automatic transmission??? Stock 02 7.3, 4" mbrp, stock trans :dunno
  8. '57turbo

    '02 superduty front springs

    block or no block I would like someone to explain to me the difference between using a block to raise the rear of a truck and not to use it on the front. I believe you don’t want to have a lot of block there because of the torsion load when turning and having all the engine weight up front...
  9. '57turbo

    '02 superduty front springs

    Springs I have a one inch block that I machined up for the front of my '02. I have been running it for three years now. I don't see a problem with using a minial sized block on the front?:dunno
  10. '57turbo


    mbrp 4" mbrp fit like a glove. Its worth the extra money when your working under the truck and need to use the truck.:D
  11. '57turbo

    Starting Batteries

    :notworthyThanks guys.:hail
  12. '57turbo

    Starting Batteries

    How do you check for a weak battery on the two battery starting system? Or do you replace both batteries when the cranking power gets a litle weak?:dunno
  13. '57turbo

    Leveling kits

    Are you sure you neeed 2"? use a floorjack to raise te front or the truck. Measure before and raise the truck the 2" and step back to see if it is what you are looking for. I only put a 1" block on my truck to level it. I would be more worried about the track bar than the u-joints if you only...
  14. '57turbo

    Ordering wheels asking for thread pitch on studs?

    studs The hole pattern is the same 8x170mm. But the pitch can be different. 14x2.0 coarse or 14x1.5 fine.
  15. '57turbo

    wheel bearings?

    I gutted one of these at the shop. I think you could find the bearing, but the race is the actual hub mount. So there is no way to get a new race. R-R is the most least expensive. Dyna-trac has the big $$$ replacement. The Timken bearing is preset on the bearing load and grease. Duane
  16. '57turbo

    question on biodiesel

    I am interested in making of biodesel. I have been reading some of the artickles on the net, but I have not read what happens to the glycerine separation and the whashing water. Are these two things waste product? Can you send them down the drain or do they need to be shipped off with the proper...
  17. '57turbo

    speedo not work and OD light flashes

    speedo I had this problem when I installed a speed recalobtration unit in my 02. It was a bad ground. Once that was fixed all is good.
  18. '57turbo

    door ajar light

    light switch I just replaced mine last Friday. The door dight switch is at the bottom of the door latch itself. It hangs upside down and the plunger will get alot of dirt in it, causing it to stick. The cleaner and oil may work without taking it the latch out of the door. It has a cam stop...
  19. '57turbo

    Tire Balancing question on custom wheels

    weights I would request that the installer use the stick on wheel wheights. That is what I have always used on all of my aluminium wheels.
  20. '57turbo

    door lock

    Just finished replacing the door lock actuator. That was alot of fun. Can't wait for the others to go out.:roflmao :roflmao
  21. '57turbo

    Qestion about power

    Thanks for your time and effort. I am still trying to learn this oil-burner but am having fun with the truck at the same time. The aftermarket tuners would have to give more fuel at the hit of the throttle and then lean out the cruising steady state speed in order to get better throttle response...
  22. '57turbo

    New To The Site

    Truck looks great! Are you in SO CAL?
  23. '57turbo

    Qestion about power

    I was wondering if anyone could help me understand the diesel performance a little better. I have worked and work on gasoline turbo engines for a little while now. On the a gas engine I modify the base fuel map, ignition, accelerator circuit, and more boost to get my optimum power and economy...
  24. '57turbo

    New PSD Owner in Texas!

    Welcome Silver96PwrStrk.
  25. '57turbo

    automatic window switch

    I would like to know if that works as well. Thanks

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