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  1. DaveBen

    I'm Here! Just joined, long time owner of multiple 7.3’s.

    Welcome to SDD Diesel Jimmy! Your knowledge, and others, are a great resource.
  2. DaveBen

    For the first time since 2004

    I got my first Ford truck in 1972. Now I do not have any Fords.
  3. DaveBen


    Welcome to SDD! There are not a lot of members here on any day. Our sister site,, might have more help. Also fill out your signature with your truck information by going to your User Name in the top BLACK line and selecting "Signature". This will help us help you.
  4. DaveBen

    First post starting problem

    I have not seen much on this site ( :haha haha). I look in every so often...
  5. DaveBen

    First post starting problem

    You might try our sister website, where a lot more folks hangout and are very willing to HELP out and not mock you. :drive
  6. DaveBen

    First post starting problem

    Welcome to SSD! There does not seem to be too many folks here these days. I posted just before Christmas and you are the first member I have communicated with. Back to your problem. Your batteries are 9 years old and that is too much time for diesel batteries. You have heavy loads on the...
  7. DaveBen

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all of the SDD Brothers and Sisters! Have a safe Holidays! :cold3:cold 3:cold 4:grin
  8. DaveBen

    Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    Great to hear from you powerboatr! :guns:
  9. DaveBen

    Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    I have been on SDD since 2005. I try to wish everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving! Almost everyone I know here is no longer present. I am hoping for one or two old friends to respond! Dave :chat
  10. DaveBen

    Climate Control not working

    Is it blowing out of the defrost ports? This indicates a vacuum hose disconnected or broken.
  11. DaveBen

    1995 F super duty automatic 2 wheel drive 7.5 engine obd 1

    This site is for Diesel Ford trucks. The 7.5 is a gasoline engine. No help here. Try
  12. DaveBen

    Back in the saddle again

    That truck outa out pull the F-150 in the last photo! Nice truck.
  13. DaveBen

    Red 90 diesel?

    It is $10,000 here in Calif also. Not worth the fine, if you get caught.
  14. DaveBen

    New Member Hello Everyone

    Welcome to SDD! Feel free to ask anything about our diesel trucks.
  15. DaveBen

    Towing Capacity Question

    Add air bags to the rear end. You can inflate them when you need the extra load carrying capacity and deflate them when you don't. This way you won't have a very stiff rear end.
  16. DaveBen

    Question Recommendations on Shock Replacements

    I answered this on your other post.
  17. DaveBen

    Question Recommendations on shock upgrades

    Bilstein shock cost a bit more than others, but they are worth it!
  18. DaveBen

    Front end wabble!

    Alignment maybe out, causing The Death Wobble. Check your King Pin ball joints by jacking up the truck and putting a bar under the tire and seeing if it moves up and down. I will bet it does.
  19. DaveBen

    Ring on front wheel

    It is the oil seal for the front axle. Pull the axle and press it in (Hammer it in will work in a pinch).
  20. DaveBen

    New Guy

    Welcome to SDD!
  21. DaveBen

    Merry Christmas

    There were like 6 or 7 of us back in the day... I was made a Mod in 06 I think and bailed out of being a Mod in 08. My memory doesn't go back that far.
  22. DaveBen

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all of you folks! I know there are not many here but I have been here since 2005.
  23. DaveBen

    2012 Window Switch

    I would look at the wires from the switch back.
  24. DaveBen

    2008 F550 ECU Programming Help

    Ford's programming is not released to the public. Too much is at stake, like emissions control. Take it to your Ford dealer and see if they will program it for you.
  25. DaveBen

    New Member 40yrs later I'm back

    Welcome to SDD! :thumbs