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  1. Big K

    4R100 made it to 94k miles!!

    Glad ya like it Bill, I know I have loved mine for over 8 years! :D
  2. Big K

    Truck Rally 11th Annual NTxPSA Power Stroke Diesel Rally - Oct 1-3, 2010 - KOA Caddo Mills, Texas

    This is open to all Power Stroke Owners!!!! 11th Annual NTxPSA Power Stroke Diesel Rally - Oct 1-3, 2010 - KOA Caddo Mills, Texas We are getting close to our 11th Annual NTxPSA Diesel Rally held Oct 1-3, 2010!!! We have some great events planned and, as always, great food!! Please make...
  3. Big K

    I just found this!Is it true

    Yeap, and like I said....No new engine in 2010MY ;)
  4. Big K


    teste :sweet
  5. Big K

    Zend Optimizer

    This was a PHP issue that was taken care of yesterday...all is good isn't a virus or anything you need to install. Take care ;)
  6. Big K

    New 2011 Super Duty Diesel...............

    The North Texas Power Stroke Association (NTxPSA) was included in the NEW 6.7 Ford Built Power Stroke Engine Press Release on Thursday Sept 24th at the State Fair of Texas. We had a great time to say the least. Mark Fields, Ford President (Of The Americas), was nice enough to stop what he was...
  7. Big K

    CPR fuel system going in this weekend!!

    Very cool! How much are they going for now? I am sill thinking about going this route....
  8. Big K

    Help Needed How to remove F-250 Front Rotors

    Heat works good ;) or longer BREAKER bar ;)
  9. Big K

    comment just FWIW

  10. Big K

    Question U Joints going bad- what to do

    He didn't say ball joints was included...if they where, then yea, that would be about right... :sweet
  11. Big K

    Question U Joints going bad- what to do

    BigRedWeather, Replace them yourself down the road ;) That price is NUTS to replace them!
  12. Big K

    Real Sloow ?

    GRRRR, Been working out another BUG with the server and VB software....I think we found it and HOPEFULLY will be much better now ;)
  13. Big K

    Real Sloow ?

    I have been on all afternoon....seems to be working good to me????? I do know I changed some settings on Friday/Saturday that would have to run quite a few database scripts to clean them up that might have slowed things down some....
  14. Big K

    comment Powerstrokes going away?

    The Engines might not be made by IH anymore...but they are supposed to retain the Power Stroke Diesel FORD owes the Trademark rights to the name ;)
  15. Big K

    Real Sloow ?

    Been working on some issues... Had to rebuild the back end software php/mysql/apache...then had some bugs with the newer version..... It should be getting better in the next few days, I found what was causing the slow down, but expect a few more slow downs before it gets better ;)
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  17. Big K


  18. Big K


  19. Big K

    Can't log in to chatroom.

    Yeap...working on solution..... ;)
  20. Big K

    Can't log in to chatroom.

    Hmmmm............... I need to look at it again....
  21. Big K

    Can't log in to chatroom.

    Yeap, I was... HAHAHA must of just messaged ya ;) [SuperDutyDiesel Bar Room]: 02stroker has entered at 10:30 pm [02stroker] 10:30 pm: Hey Big K, you in here? [02stroker] 10:31 pm: Is anybody in here? [02stroker] 10:34 pm: Guess not. [Big K] 10:34 pm: yeapers [Big K] 10:34 pm: was away
  22. Big K

    Can't log in to chatroom.

    Give it another try...seem to be having some issues with it not cleaing the sessions.... :rant
  23. Big K

    Happy Birthday BigK

    lol yea, had urgent database update to do...sorry about that...
  24. Big K

    Can't log in to chatroom.

    Hmmm, Odd, I just tried again and it seems to be working fine... Clear your cookies/cache and try again ;tu

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