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  1. roosterdiesel

    Injector Miss - Oil spout Oddity

    Mylex??? Wow....what's their warranty? 90 days?
  2. roosterdiesel

    Question Fuel Pressure Gauge

    You'll need a fitting that's oring boss to go into the filter housing to whatever is on the end of your hose. I don't remember what the o-ring size -4 maybe. ITP sell an adapter to NPT I think.
  3. roosterdiesel

    Needs assistance, runs fine but wont move in gear

    Check your fuses. I blew a fuse, don't remember which one, when I was installing gauges way back when. Do you get all your normal lights on start up? If not you prolly have a blown fuse.
  4. roosterdiesel

    7.3 wastegate/turbo wheel

    :sorry...that's a no go....stock bearing setup is only good to around 25 psi. Maybe with aftermarket compressor and exhaust housings you could get away with a little more but it still won't last long.
  5. roosterdiesel

    which chip

    Uhh....I always flip it to the hot hole under hard accleration....especially when merging onto the interstate.:dunno Think about's no different than stabbing the throttle when your already in the hot program. Just my opinion.
  6. roosterdiesel

    2001 erratic throttle

    :doh: That's what I get for "assuming." :sorry
  7. roosterdiesel

    Newbie looking for additional info

    With the injection pressures the 6L runs the fuel must be fully reacted, read NO free glycerine(not visible to human eye), have NO water and be filter down to 2 microns before it ever hits the pickup tanks. The HFCM will not handle poor pre-filtration. Yes, most dealers are doing fuel...
  8. roosterdiesel

    Artlicle on the new BioDiesel station in Dallas

    I hope it's quality fuel. All I can get right now in Amarillo is made from 70% WVO and 30% tallow. Not through my injectors! I will only run BD from VVO stock, preferably Canola. I wish Brownfield Biodiesel would return my phone calls....I'm set up to buy 2000 gallon from them and can't...
  9. roosterdiesel


    I guess I did the same wrong thing. I had to hack up my battery tray and eggshape one hole on the bracket to get it away from the upper radiator hose, mine doesn't go through the belt since I have dual alts. I didn't want it to rub a hole in the hose. I had the radiator out on install since...
  10. roosterdiesel

    which chip

    I've run Bill's programming via the Edge Evolution, then a TS, then DI, then DP and NOW I run Tony's. Evo was generic, great power but smoked like a freight train in the 100hp. Good entry level programmer. TS made a little more power than the Evo but rattled something fierce from...
  11. roosterdiesel

    comment The "chips" are down

    Stay AWAY from the econo tunes when towing! They generally run more timing to increase mileage. Glad you got some mileage back JL!
  12. roosterdiesel


    The stock seals on the vibra-loc fittings in the fuel systems will leak sooner and the injector o-rings don't like the high concentrations much. Also if in a cold climate, run an aftermarket HEATED filter! If you ever drain your filter and the fuel ISN'T clear when it's cold you NEED a HEATED...
  13. roosterdiesel

    2001 erratic throttle

    BP...don't you have AE? There's a TPS PID to monitor to verify it's the problem. I've also heard that you can drive with the cruise control buttons with no erratic behavior if the TPS is bad but I don't know that first hand.
  14. roosterdiesel

    Question Biodiesel friendly Fuel Filter?

    No it's not typical. More than likely you have poorly reacted biodiesel or poor quality. Does the producer lab test their fuel? If not....RUNNN! My stock filter has never had a problem, I use nothing but Racor(OE) replacements since they stand behind there products with ASTM B100. I ran...
  15. roosterdiesel


    A loose chip can also fry the PCM! Never touch the chip when the keys are in the ignition.
  16. roosterdiesel

    Aerated Oil!

    Oil has no sign of coolant....just bubbles.
  17. roosterdiesel

    Aerated Oil!

    TECH Article by JOAT Only thing that will be different is the modified pieces and resetting all clearances to spec. Then the flow bench will let me fine tune them to flow equally at the same pulse width and ICP.
  18. roosterdiesel

    need serious help here..

    Digital Volt and Ohm meter. You need to find a pin out of the CPS wires and check for continuity.
  19. roosterdiesel

    Aerated Oil!

    Yes I'll do the work myself. I'm even going to build my own injectors and flow test them in our Memphis, TN store. I'm looking for a 450-475hp range. Much over that and I'll have to get a clutch.
  20. roosterdiesel

    Aerated Oil!

    Saturday night when merging on to the interstate engine stumbled at around 2400 rpms and 3/4ths throttle....hit it again and see LPO and HPO gauges dancing.:rant Made a few calls, got home and checked the was aerated. Changed it yesterday and it's aerated on crank up. Looks like...
  21. roosterdiesel

    need serious help here..

    Do any of the faces of the sensor have marks? If yes, you have cam walk. Have you verified the harness with a DVOM?
  22. roosterdiesel

    Need Help With My Wildman Chip

    ICP is not "jacked up" on a hot tune at idle. My ext. tune from Tony has the same ICP at idle as my street tune...~550psi. My stockish and tow burns have a slightly higher ICP at idle and actually idle smoother. All pressures monitored by a Dipricol HPOP gauge from Dennis @ ITP. On a 10k...
  23. roosterdiesel


    Exactly....the "papered" producers are pocketing the credit. Some sell B99 for a little less than diesel but usually a little more.
  24. roosterdiesel

    Volant Air Intake Kit

    I run a Volant....only way I'd run cotton gauze media with where I drive.
  25. roosterdiesel

    Need Help With My Wildman Chip

    Has the IPR valve ever been changed? If driving steady throttle at 60mph, does it ever feel like it throttle's slightly even though your foot didn't move? Mine does this and when I put my clutch in on extreme it romps pretty bad. I have a sticking IPR valve and verified it with an HPOP...

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