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  1. Stroked68

    What would you do?

    Post pics of that beast when you git it!
  2. Stroked68

    Anything exciting going on?

    Wish I was pannin for gold. I will probably be goin back to colorado for a week to ride atvs around the tincup area. My truck needs some attention before I go so tryin to get that goin. I bought a 2000 escort zx2 for the fuel mileage. Saves from drivn my truck everyday and ive saved ALOT in...
  3. Stroked68

    New turbo or rebuild the old one?

    Yea thats what I am probably goin to do. Def dont want to do this again. Im leanin towards the 38r BUT my friend is sayin that the High Tech Turbo would also be good. Its not a ball bearing turbo but still a great turbo. I believe its the same size as the 38r. Hes a big diesel guy (mainly...
  4. Stroked68

    New turbo or rebuild the old one?

    Yea thats what I was thinkin to. I was lookin at either the new Garret GTP38r or the H2e kit. I like the H2e kit because it can be upgraded if you want to. The garret is a drop in turbo which I also like. Anyone dont either of these turbos? I want to do this right the first time and...
  5. Stroked68

    50" LED Lightbar (PICS!)

    Wow, this all gives me some ideas! Those light bars are expensive arnt they?? Looks great everyone!
  6. Stroked68

    New turbo or rebuild the old one?

    Well looks like the seals in my turbo are leaking a little bit. My truck sat for about a week and a half while doing my full coolant flush and I noticed a puddle of oil coming from my exhaust under the truck. It was coming from the joint half way under my truck where my stacks hook up. I've...
  7. Stroked68

    No Crank/No Start in Park

    Been there, done that haha. My bolts were loose and I had to replace the plastic bushings in mine. Recently I thought my tranny was bad cause when I put it in drive (according to the gear selector in the dash) It wouldnt do anything! Well it was really in neutral. So now the D position is...
  8. Stroked68

    Working on a new project. 84 E250 snow plower

    Well my big ole van doesnt get much use. Decided since we have been gettin tons of snow here in KS so far probably should start puttin it back into service instead of usin it for mud runs. Its an 84 E250 with a 79 F250 frame. It has the coil springs on the front. I installed 6" lift springs on...
  9. Stroked68

    Hi Powerstroke enthusiasts!

    Welcome fellow powerstroker and glad you found it!
  10. Stroked68

    alternator fried

    Could be your AIH. My AIH relay was stuck on and it would drain the batteries within 15min. I would just do the delete on it anyways unless it gets super cold in IL, which I doubt. Id rather rebuild the original alt than buy a reman.
  11. Stroked68

    Question Truck Down, Need Help!

    Could be bad computer. The WTS light is just a timer weather your gp's are workin or not. Could be a sensor too like cps. Agree with Joe on cps. Newer ones can go bad. Its one of the cheaper sesnors to buy and replace. I had the one on the drivers side head go bad and my truck would start fine...
  12. Stroked68

    Why do the 7.3 "Lope"

    You might have another prob besides oil. I had some sensors go bad on mine. Thinner oil will def help though. Id try that first since it would be cheaper than a sensor. I changed to rotella 5w40.
  13. Stroked68

    Wanting to put a snow plow on my 1999 SD

    My dad is giving me his old western snow plow he had on our 77 F250. I'd like to fit it on mine. Anyone put the older westerns on a newer truck? They dont make the plow mount brackets for my truck anymore and would like to know if anyone has tried this or where to start. I can do fab work so...
  14. Stroked68

    Hello People!!

    Welcome both of you! Great place to be for your superduty! Let the smoke roll!
  15. Stroked68

    Question high idle

    I know my 99 has one built into the wastegate system. Only on a cold start up. It will idle a lil faster till it warms up. If you want it to high idle for aloooong time you will need to get a chip or programmer that has it. My PHP chip has a few diff high idle tunes depending on how high you...
  16. Stroked68

    What is this? Came with my trucks keys....

    x2 on locking lug nut socket.
  17. Stroked68

    Question Gettin' ready for 6" lift...

    Awesome! I'd love to do that to my truck someday! I want the dynatrac full kit and arb airlockers hehe.
  18. Stroked68

    Winter oil weight

    Do you run 5 40 all yr round?
  19. Stroked68

    Buzz test question

    If I had your truck, I would atleast go with stage 1 injectors with all your mods.
  20. Stroked68

    Winter oil weight

    Yea im due to clean the cables for sure. Ive been runnin the 15 40 ever since i've owned it and it usually started with just one cycle. Many miles later I think its taking its toll on it. Im anxious to try this 5 40 syn to see how it does! Sounds like its a no brainer for the cold weather.
  21. Stroked68

    Buzz test question

    What injectors are you going with if you replace them?
  22. Stroked68

    mpg puttin' me in poor house

    Our friend has a 6.4 and he put a tuner on it and he said it really woke the truck up and gets better mpg. I dont know if he put exhaust on it yet.
  23. Stroked68

    Winter oil weight

    This mornin it was 29 and I cycled the gp's once and it fired right up no problem. So idk whats goin on with it haha. Im drainin oil now so we will see how it does with the syn oil in it tomarrow mornin. Gonna be another cold mornin!
  24. Stroked68

    Winter oil weight

    That makes me feel better payin big money for the syn rotella! So you change yours at 7500 miles then?
  25. Stroked68

    Common problems on the 6.4

    A buddy of mine was at a dyno day where all the cummins guys go. There was one 6.4 there with just a tuner and that thing did very well. Beat some of the modded cummins trucks. I'd buy a 6.4 if I got rid of the ole 7.3..............which would be never haha.

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