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    Field Day 2007........

    makes no sense to me but looks good.
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    Meth is an uncontrolled fuel use at your own risk.
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    New Rotors

    I have powerslots and hawkpads - not bad.
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    The rotor shots.

    :tounge :roflmao :thumbs
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    Actual pics now :)

    Wow those lights look really good with the older grill and that color!!!
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    The rotor shots.

    What brand rotors? I see they're slotted and drilled.
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    Wow, thought more people would like this!
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    I told this guy 2x's about Ok that's it! Enjoy
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    I've got at least 100 pix... I'll upload a bit of them. Dodge Cummins w/ Ford Superduty bed lol... wide load on the way... F450 tow rig on the way down. Got pulled over 81 in a 55 Nice DUALLY 8" exhaust tip... Dinner @ phillips Saturday...
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    Help! Clueless, truck dying??

    Check the oil level, if its over filled or low it could cause some problems. Also check the CPS... stumbling, and ability to restart sound about right for that too. Hope this helps and maybe someone else can help too!!!
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    Changing rear brakes

    It's pretty simple... watch this video.. Video - Brake Job lll
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    Hidden IDM kill switch

    I've got a place NObody would EVER look... but I'm not telling... :D :D :D
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    Trans Temp 170+

    Well you live in texas... and 80-100 * over ambient is about normal. Bigger tranny cooler is the BEST thing you can do...
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    PowerStroke Engine compatibility for 2000 F350

    see if there's anyone from willing to sell their motor?!
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    Rust, Can't believe it

    That really sucks man. I'll take your rusty running boards ;)
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    Bought a 2007 King Ranch today, good bye '04

    LMFAO that is nice... I can't wait to have a son that I can do that with. Wait, did I just say that I wanted kids? :doh: :roflmao
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    Deep Scratch

    If you really just want to cover it up so it doesn't rust then put some soda on a rag, and press it into the scratch. Wipe clean around the gash and let it dry. Then put some TOUCHUP paint on it. Let it dry, buff or rub it and see if you like that. Sure it'll be noticeable (beats the hell...
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    Location of front hitch for winch? Pic?

    You can get a reciever that mounts to the front of your truck. I had that on my Mazda p/u- worked great. Get a hefty winch - and the trailer hitch should be able to stand up as long as it's like a Class III so. I never had any problems and my mazda weighed under 5,000 lbs and my winch was...
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    Lug Nuts

    120 for lug nuts... OUCH
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    Ball Joints at 67k miles?????

    Poly bushings I don't know about... As for why these things are crappy up front is because the ball joints AREN'T nearly big enough for a truck this heavy, that's DANA'S problem - not FORD's. Dodge has the same problem. As for the R&R of the wheelbearings, ball joints, seal removal, and...
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    What kind of jack???

    I carry around a 3.5 ton hydraulic jack from walmart that extends up to 18" I think? Either way, it fits under little cars, and still extends enough to pick my truck a few inches off the ground. Remember, while it is always better to be overprepared you don't need a 3.5 ton jack because your...
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    gas in 6.0 Powerstroke :(

    A diesel will run on gas it just won't have any go. A few minutes or miles of running on it shouldn't hurt it. Siphon it out and then refill with diesel and you should be about good to go. Looks like you've already got it though.
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    New lights on the Beast

    Cool... I'll be doing that soon!
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    Ball Joints at 67k miles?????

    You can make them greaseable - drill/tap and install zerk fitting :D

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