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    Question What did you do to your truck today?

    SOLD IT!! bought a '06 nissan titan.
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    f100- sorry bout the ice. too bad no pix. well then mr. moderator(s).....MAKE THE CHANGE(S)
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    i like this!!!
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    f100- had no problem traversing in the s__t on saturday. got an emergency call to help buddy run his tracked 247 skid w/ the 6' blower at noon on saturday...fired right up and off i went. this was some crazy azz weather. heard roads shut down down their, open now i assume. sorry bout the...
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    spark plugs!! i dont care who you are, that is funny right there. yup - i done went foreign. and it wasn't broke when i bought it, it was broke b4 i bought it...good as new now! took some pix in the snow tonight.
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    would like to inform everyone that i am no longer in possession of an F350. sold it Wednesday, got me the following: 2006 Nissan Titan 4x off road pkg 5.6 v8 flex fuel remote start 4 door chrome steps/front nerf bar unfortunately it is still at dealer getting itself worked...
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    Question Do-Dad Mod

    Jetpilot: first off i think you are rude. you never seem to like anything anyone has to say and seems to me that your opinion is the only one that matters. if this puts me in a bad light - sorry all. secondly, i DID have a typing error. i was going off of memory, tired, frustrating...
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    wanna run an excavator?

    i have used hoes back when i was running my business.....had many compliments from homeowners/co-workers/peers......i have always joked i could floss your teeth w/ one....but you ain't gonna get me anywhere near that thing..... WOW!!!!
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    Sway Bar & Endlink Bushing Replacement????

    update: barrett- i do not know of the torq req....i just cranked them down darn tight... and yes, the front factories are a beeatch to remove....had to have ford press them out for me....once i just replaced them again, pushed out w/ hammer and punch....took 10 minutes total... good luck
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    Question Do-Dad Mod

    I invented the "Doo Dad" mod.....named it that only in fun at the time because i modified the process to better suit my wants..... and i too take a difference of opinon on how it preforms....i have proof of mileage increase of about 2-3 mpg better w/ it.... let me find the link.... i was...
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    Question Looking For Affordable Differential Covers with a Drain Plug???

    this does look nice, just wish i'd have found it 2 years ago before FOMOCO did my rear cover - to the tune of about $85....adding up their costs is only $127....not too shabby.... yeah, how about a front they offer 1 for that app. too? i am just to lazy to look myself, thought i'd...
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    Hot rear brakes?

    never heard of the rear's failing. at 85k, mine seemed fine. not sure of the 05 having slide pins...
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    2006 F350 hubs not staying locked in 4x4 mode

    this is exactly what FORD told me to do....but about every 1k miles or so.... been practicing it and so far so good.
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    I'm back

    nice looking ride matt!! better mileage too!!! that is always a plus enjoy
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    Rear sway bar?

    sounds like all is well!!:sweet what did you get for rotors/pads?
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    interesting read

    well, today i drained all the oil and replaced the copper washer. it was shall we say a little on the deformed side. went and bought a NEW 15 qrt. oil pan w/ a pour spout and dumped it back into the truck. no spill or nothing...phew! :sweet if you were to pour a half cup of coffee and fill...
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    Ball Joints

    mine have been shot for at least 2 years and i finally just replaced all 4 this winter @ ~83k
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    Take a look

    got pictures? did you get the silver/chrome look - drilled/slotted? i assume you are referring to this pix? don't have one of the pads!
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    Price of fuel is on the rise...again

    if it is true - i could not have said it better myself... i guess i should have never read this cuz my blood pressure just went up. that's stealing from the left hand to pay the right hand:eek::rant
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    fuel pump on the way out?

    that's what you call 'no good' keep us informed good luck 3 weeks - ouch!
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    Price of fuel is on the rise...again

    my spidey sense is tingling too..... i would agree w/ you on your thought. it has been jumping up then dropping a couple of cents then jumping up then dropping a couple of cents here too. last i saw it was $2.89 - haven't been out much lately...:doh: to notice it is not necessarily the...
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    ford service dept is awesome

    what dealership was that? as i am in mn along w/ a bunch of us i am sure are interested?
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    LOL dats a goodin!!!
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    wheel offset

    see, there is no such thing as a stupid question......

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