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  1. bigrigr

    Question Steering

    Don't forget the wheel bearings either, if one is loose it can "steer" the truck with every bump. Loose tie rod ends or other steering components can do this as well. Get the front end checked out real good for loose parts, then have the alignment checked.
  2. bigrigr

    Help me find the GHOST in my F350

    That's not a ghost, that's a DEMON! Only thing i can think of is you're chasing the RESULTS of the problem, not the CAUSE. The fuse panel thing has been going on for a while, and it sounds like a educated guess to start with. They rust from leaks around the windshield, and then they short...
  3. bigrigr

    Leveling kit on f350

    Notice the "You don't need a complete new spring pack", I read it right the first time.......
  4. bigrigr

    Question Front End

    X2 on the track bar. May seem kinda stupid but I'll go there anyway....... Did you get the truck re-aligned after the repair work. Did you do the work, or did you pay someone else? Are you sure everything is tight? Sounds like something is loose and following the road ruts. If the drag link...
  5. bigrigr

    Leveling kit on f350

    That's ridiculous, you don't need a complete new spring pack. You just need to "add-a-leaf" to get a little more height. The spring shop i use makes their own. Google leveling kits on the internet and i bet you get more hits than you can spend money at!
  6. bigrigr

    EGT and Oil temps

    nswsparky, the bottom line is, if you're egt's, and you're eot's,and you're coolant temps are to high, you gotta back it down. You just have to tell yourself that speed isn't the issue. The wind might just be to bad. Head winds are hell.
  7. bigrigr

    Question Elecricial bug

    i think there was a technical service bulletin on this at ford, seemed like the windshield leaked or something. Check with ford first, they may know what the fix is right off the batt. Seems like they were replacing the fuse box or something....... just a thought.
  8. bigrigr

    Leveling kit on f350

    I believe the x code springs are from an eXcursion..... little bit stiffer to handle the extra weight of the suv. Or they may be for the snow plow trucks. I just put an add a leaf in mine, a local spring shop makes them. They cost around a hundred bucks or so.
  9. bigrigr

    No Speedometer - Need Help

    That sensor in the diff runs the rear anti-lock. That's why it's not in the tranny/transfer case. Do you have a anti lock light that comes on when you key on/engine off?
  10. bigrigr

    Help Needed Engine knocking, Maybe Injectors?

    Sure sounds like a lack of fuel to the injectors, or you're sucking air into the fuel system somewhere.
  11. bigrigr

    The cops here have nothing better to do

    Same way around my neck of the woods, the dealer can sell anything they want. You are responsible the second you pull it off the lot. Same reason brand new "low buck" pickups can be sold without rear bumpers. Gotta have em to pass inspection, but not to sell. When i was inspecting a few...
  12. bigrigr

    Biggest tire size

    My 2000, has 315's. just a two inch leveling kit was all that was required. Backspacing can be a problem,(on the new wheels) but i have a friend in the tire business who tells me that if it fits the superduty,(meaning the right bolt pattern) it should fit no problem
  13. bigrigr

    2001 7.3 Down - HPOP?

    Better check the hpop oil level, could still be low if the engine oil level was low. May take adding to get the injectors to fire.
  14. bigrigr

    Removing a lift kit?

    Removing the lift wouldn't be bad at all, with the stock parts, like previously said. Watch for stock parts on the web, or in the "nickel" ads. Lots of times the owner just wants to dump the stock parts when the lift install is finished. FWIW, my truck only has a leveling kit on it and i love...
  15. bigrigr

    extreme drivetrain vibration. cannot drive truck

    The only other thing i can think of, is if the gears in the rear are missing some teeth. I've seen a couple vehicles do what you describe because the ring and pinion where shot. Also, i wonder about the side gears in the case, maybe one broke.....Don't ask me how I know...... Just food for...
  16. bigrigr

    Hydraulic vs Gas shocks

    Aren't the bilsteins and the doetsch techs the same? Or am I smoking something.... I know the bilsteins are awfull popular around here
  17. bigrigr

    Heavyist haul

    I still remember the time i almost clipped a bridge in downtown houston with a articulated dump truck on my stepdeck. I missed a exit, and came face to face with a 14'3" bridge with a 14'7" tall load. You wanna talk about hunkerin down in the seat! (BigJoe) I dumped the airbags and held on to...
  18. bigrigr

    Boost leaking

    Definately unplug the ebpv valve, sounds very similar to a problem a buddy had. The valve could be closed when ur running down the road.( obviously not a good thing). All it does is close when the engine is warming up, to lower emissions. Mine's been unplugged for almost two years. I've...
  19. bigrigr

    Question My truck sucks at towing, and here's why

    Bueller.....Bueller..... WTH?
  20. bigrigr

    RPM drop into overdrive

    X2, what he said :laffup
  21. bigrigr

    Question Brake pad advice, please!!

    I have not used the duralast golds, but i know the cheaper the pads, the more dust and noise you get out of these disc brakes. Imo, you don't have to get ford pads, you just need to get quality pads form a quality parts house. I like napa, and O'reilys seems o.k. You don't want some crazy...
  22. bigrigr

    Question My truck sucks at towing, and here's why

    I have read this thread a couple of times and i hope i didn't miss something, but is the truck level when hooked up as well? i believe you mentioned the trailer was almost level, but if the truck isn't level, it will unload the front tires and cause the steering to be wierd also. The airbags...
  23. bigrigr

    Alternator Replacement

    Most items on a factory setup are slightly oversized to begin with, so there is absolutely no danger of a problem while under a warranty for the manufacturer. You have a "little" breathing room when upgrading, just don't go crazy. Kinda like adding a chip n some mild mods, or an r.v. cam to a...
  24. bigrigr

    Front brake problem

    Make sure you use a high quality caliper grease when you put those sliders back together. Not that crap in the little baggie they give you with the pads. Ask around about the good stuff in the bottle with the brush. There are several brands, but it seems to be the same grease, just different...

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