2021 F350 STX Mirror Upgrade

Discussion in '6.7L PowerStroke Power & Performance' started by Jeffrey Cook, Dec 14, 2022.

  1. Jeffrey Cook

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    Dec 14, 2022
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    I’m wanting to upgrade the mirrors on a truck I just bought. It came with the power/ heated mirrors and I want to upgrade it with the mirrors with built in running/ turn signals and puddle lights. Can that feature be activated on the truck. I have the 22 pin connector.
  2. snicklas

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    Aug 10, 2008
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    I don’t have one of these trucks, but if they don’t just work on install, it should be able to be activated in the LCM/BCM by the dealer or a good scan tool.

    Going back a ways, I had an 98 Sable Wagon that I accidentally broke th drivers mirror off the car. I replaced it with one out of Pull-A-Part that was the same body color, but was a heated mirror (my car did not have heated mirrors when purchased) and the heated mirror worked like it should, since all the wiring was already on the body side harness, and it had rear deforest (these the mirrors were activated with the rear defrost switch)

    On my 11 F-150 it had the factory tow package, but not the factory brake controller (had the 7 pin plug, all the wiring, but no controller). I bought the controller, installed it in the dash, and the relay and fuse that came with it. It had to go to Ford (or a high end scan tool might have worked) and they activated it in the computer and it works like it was always there.

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