6.7l Alignment issues

Discussion in '6.7L PowerStroke Engine & Drivetrain' started by DavidEve, Mar 16, 2023.

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    Mar 16, 2023
    Hoping maybe someone here can give me the right questions to ask the dealer to make sure this gets fixed correctly this time lol

    Backstory: I bought a used 2015 F350 in 2020. It's pretty much bone stock besides having airbags in the rear. When I bought it, it had a 2" leveling kit on the front which I had the dealer remove. I wanted my truck to be as much as stock as possible because I tow with it. So about a month ago, whenever I turned hard left, the alignment would go out and pull left until I made another hard left turn. Obviously you do not want to tow under those conditions. So I took it in, it is under my warranty and the said they had to replace the steering stabilizer and both from hubs... I got it back, went to Oregon towing my enclosed trailer and all was fine.

    It rarely gets driven, though last night I had to take the boys to scouts and drop off gear so we took the truck. The same thing happened again last night on the way home... It goes back to the dealer today to have them look at it considering they did the original work.

    What kind of questions should I be asking the service manager to make sure this gets fixed this time? I really don't want this issue to keep popping up. The truck only has 76k on it. Suggestions? Advice?

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    I would have them inspect/replace the U-Joints in the front knuckles. What can happen is, a U-Joint can get stiff in 1 axis….. so as long at that isn’t the half of the cross that needs to rotate, then all is good. But as you are driving and things bounce around and the axle shafts move around, the stiff/stuck side of the cross can get rotated into position where it needs to pivot, and since it doesn’t want to move, he “holds” the steering to where it wants to pull….

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