Asking for tuner/programmer recommendations please...

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    Dec 20, 2018
    For my 2014 F250

    135,000 miles presently, bought it when it had 103,000 miles.

    Love the truck.

    When I first purchased this truck it was quick from a standing start, was one of the things I liked about it. At 128,000 miles the turbo went out and luckily I had purchased a warranty when I bought it. I took it to the local Ford Dealer and after the install, the truck ran well but seemed a bit sluggish compared to before. The tech said all parameters were good after another check and asked if I had a programmer on it because one of the things he did during the installation was to " flash it " and if I had one, it would have deleted it.

    The truck runs well, pulls my 12000 lb trailer just as well as before... it's just not as lively as it was before. I have no plans to delete at this time and want to keep the emissions on for now.

    What do you recommend for the plug and play tuner/programmer for my truck, please?...TIA.

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