DPF deletion. Worth it or not? How?

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    I bought my first diesel truck a used 2013 6.7 F250 back in 2016. I love the truck and have heard about this DPF deletion process and how it is supposed to make everything better. Specifically more power and better fuel mileage without the potential for expensive maintenance on the factory exhaust system. My 3 year warranty will be up this fall and am interested in learning more about this process.
    I called a local diesel shop and was informed that it is now illegal to do this due to EPA regulations. Is that true?

    Is this process really worth the hype? Is it something a novice could attempt to do at home? If it is done, is there a need to keep the parts or can they be trashed? Any specific parts to look for or avoid?

    Any input or suggestions on this topic is appreciated. Thanks.

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    It's illegal to remove any operating emission equipment. It's a federal law. But if you live in a place with no smog checks or inspections it's up to you.

    As for the benefits, I have no clue. My truck is still 100% stock. Seems everyone that does the delete is happy though. If I ever move to a smog free spot I might tune and delete it.
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