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    Does anyone out there in "7.3 Land" know what the factory recommendations are for the following on my 2001 F350 Dually?
    • Engine coolant temp: normal and safe max
    • Engine oil temp: normal and safe max
    • Engine fuel pressure: normal
    • Engine turbo boost: safe max
    • Engine exhaust (pyro) temp: safe max
    • Trans fluid temp: normal and safe max
    Typically, there is no shortage of "opinions" on line, but I have not been able to find out what Ford or International recommends. I'm one of those "more is better" guys who just NEEDS to know how my engine is performing under every condition from easy cruising to heavy - sometimes uphill - towing. Like most I had a full array of gauges to keep me informed. Besides, they look so cool lined up on the pillar, above the mirror and under the dash! But when monitoring all the gauges became a major distraction, I decided to cut the cord(s) and tubes and go with a Banks IDash monitor. It was only when my son asked me what the gauges should read that I realized just how ignorant I really am! Oh yes, I have a sense of it but not much more. Any advice is appreciated.
    Please note that in addition to the IDash my truck has a full array of Banks products including the complete Powerpack system , Smart Lock Trans Brake, Trans Command and Exhaust Brake. I have also installed the 6.0 trans cooler which seems to make a huge difference when towing.
    Thanks in advance!
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    That's some real bling you got hanging on that thing. Just when I was thinking my '02 was getting long in the tooth!

    Fuel pressure, iirc, 55 psi -- I'm running 75 psi.
    Coolant (allegedly by thermostat suppliers), 195F, I'm running 203F
    Turbo boost, iirc, 28 psi -- I set my wastegate controller to that

    That's what I like about analog gauges...with color to indicate green/yellow/red zones of operation. When they're set up correctly that is. My EGT sensor has color, but I have no idea if it is really specific to the 7.3L or not?
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    On my 2K 7.3 I had mine set up.. just like what Rich just said.

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