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Discussion in '99+ 7.3L PowerStroke Engine & Drivetrain' started by Bill Mosienko, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. Bill Mosienko

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    Feb 24, 2019
    2000 F250 4x4 DANA50
    3 months ago. Front passenger side started making an odd noise when I hit bumps. Did some research and sounded like the "hub assembly". Ordered and replaced, pretty easy job. (I replaced both sides) Noise goes away. A month later a slightly different noise starts coming from the front end. Pull off hub assemblies on both sides. Drivers side hub is nice and clean and bearings tight. Passengers side hub is dirty and loose, just like the bad one I replaced a month earlier. At first I figured one of the replacements just went bad so I got a new one. I was about to put it on and encountered this. Do I have some other bad bearings up there and how do I know which one? What do you suggest? (On a side note and don't know if it's related but figured I'd mention, I rarely use 4x4, but the last time I locked the hubs there was a distinct squeaking noise coming from the front end {not a continual squeak but like a squeak per revolution of the wheel - the faster I go, the faster the squeak.}).
    Anyways, this is my dilemma. Watch the video which is in my one drive. Tell me what you think. Thanks!
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    There is a bearing inside the hub that the outer stub shaft rides on and either it or the shaft is worn causing this play. When you had it apart did you wiggle the shaft to check the joint? Also there is an outer seal flopping in the wind on the inside seen in the video.

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