How to: Chassis Lubrication (Video)

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    What I have noticed to be a commonly overlooked item is the routine lubrication of greasable fittings. This included steering, suspension, and drive line components.

    On the SuperDuty you will find 4 on the front steering components. Some aftermarket ball joints have grease fittings, as do some aftermarket ujoints. These are all places to look. Use an approved Ford chassis grease and in less than 10 minutes you are good to go.

    This should generally be done every 5,000 miles, or with every oil change.

    Since making this video, I have learned two things:

    1: The second bar which I refer to as the track bar, is the Tie Rod. The other one is the drag link.
    2. A certified mechanic told me that it is better not to allow the grease to ooze from the boots. He agreed that generally this doesnt hurt anything but can sometimes make a new hole which can allow water or dirt to enter. He suggested stopping when you see the boots bulge. Either I am sure is fine, but in the interest of proper information I wanted to include that.

    Youtube - How to: Chassis Lubrication

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