Just picked up a 06 6L F250

Discussion in '6.0L PowerStroke Power & Performance' started by 06_60_Qwner, Feb 17, 2019.

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    Feb 17, 2019
    Clean rust free 180K not yet bulletproofed. So we have a few things to do. Egr cooler or delete, oil cooler, FICM, head studs, water pump. Can't wait to get into this project.

    Share your opinions, suggestions, recommendations and resources.

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    Welcome! Sounds like a great truck. Hopefully it was "grandpa's truck" and not tuned or chipped. My '04 was like that. Not driven hard enough actually and the EGR valve was sooted up and the unison ring in the turbo started to stick after a year. Last summer I got the EGR deleted and already had the turbo cleaned. During the follow up coolant flush on the delete I sprung for a Sinister Diesel coolant filter since we opted to change the oil cooler while in there. No tunes for since I'm not having head gasket issues and I shouldn't now since the EGR is gone. A year a go I had a 4" Diamond Eye exhaust (w/ muffler) put on so the heat can get out. I think it helps the turbo spool up a bit faster... and sound really good! Other than proper maintenance using only Ford filters you should be good. A lot of us use 5-40 full synthetic oil. Rotella T6 seems to work pretty well. I was using Delo 5-40 but they changed the rating to the newer oil and trucks so I went with Rotella. The full synthetic helps the spool valves in the injectors perform better so you don't have the rough idle when cold. On the head studs, if you have the money go for it. If you are going to add any power studs and gaskets are a must. Plenty of info out there on that. Good luck and enjoy your rig. I love mine.
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