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Don Johnson

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Mar 18, 2023
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Reno, NV
Yeah..I'm probably looking for a unicorn here, but due to a mishap I had one wheel on my 2007 F250 destroyed the other day and I am looking to replace it. Problem is, I bought the set new about 15 years ago and they are EXTREMELY difficult to find anywhere, so I am hoping someone on here has a set (or even just one!) in the back of the garage or something and will sell it to me. I liked the wheels when I bought the set and I still like the way they look on my truck so I REALLY do NOT want to have to go out and buy a whole similar looking new set of nowadays wheels (besides, I'm a cheap old fart!). The ones I'm looking for are 8 lug X 170, 17" X 9" wide with a -12 offset and are all over black with some of the black machined off---I'm a dinosaur, but I will try to post a pic of what they look like on here. if you have or know of a set of these (or just one---most likely used or whatever), please contact me via email ([email protected]) or via PM. BTW, if you happen to be, say, within about 75 miles of RENO, NV I'm also gonna be looking for a set of tires (maybe takeoffs?) that aren't too close to being date code antiques and are similar tread to the one in the wheel pic, too! Thanks, folks!!

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