Low profile winch for stock bumper


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Mar 26, 2021
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Hey Folks,

I’ve got a 2017 F250 6.7L diesel crew cab and have started researching putting a winch on the truck. My biggest problem is that I don’t want a massively obvious, aftermarket bumper that juts out like a superhero’s chin, complete with brush guard.
I’m a little envious of the 2020 Super Duties with the factory winch option. Very low profile, factory bumper. You have to actually do a double take to confirm in your mind “Yep. That IS a winch there.”

Rough Country makes a hidden winch plate for the stock bumper of an F150 that I like a lot. I can’t seem to find something like that for the F250 though. There’s a ton of aftermarket bumpers out there and they’re all powder coated black and look like they are made from a bunch of flat plates of steel welded together. Most with some kind of brush guard welded on top. My truck is the blue jean blue color with a lot of chrome accents. One of those black, geometric design bumpers would stick out like crazy. Just not what I want.

I like the stock bumper. It fits the flow of the design of the whole vehicle. I’m not an overlander or off roader looking to trick out my vehicle with wider tires, a lift and roll cage. I just want the functionality of a winch.

Anybody know of a product out there that would work for me?


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