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Jun 19, 2024
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Hopkins SC
he other day after my truck died on me it was getting a P2291 code. I originally thought my HPFP crapped out. I even had a guy come out and look at it and he thought the same thing even though he barely did any diagnosis on it. It ended up just being air in the fuel line. Before ordering a pump, I decided to cycle the key about 8 times to clear any air out if that might be the issue, and after that, it cranked right up and has not messed up since.

I want to share a very amateur shade tree mechanic theory on what happened and see if any of the more knowledgeable guys here think it could be what happened or not to get air in the system.

When it first shut down on me I popped the hood and noticed that the mass airflow sensor was unplugged. No telling how long that had been unplugged. And I believe that can really trough off the miles to empty readout on the dash. It shut off on my after filling up with diesel. It was showing about 40 miles to empty when I filled up. I typically do not let it run that low but I had just got back home from a weekend trip and there was not a station along the way to stop being backwoods country roads. After filling up I cranked it and went to pull off and it shut off and would not crank back up. My thinking is that the miles to empty was way off and I was really on fumes when I pulled in to fill it up and that caused some air to get into the line. But given my knowledge of all of it, I could be completely wrong also.

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