Supposed fuel shortage

Discussion in 'SuperDuty Community Lounge' started by 02SilverStroke, Aug 31, 2017.

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    Anyone in your area having problems getting fuel? Here in the DFW area, people are going nuts about a "shortage" of fuel, and gas lines are everywhere. I believe it's worse than the 70's and 80's when gas went to $1 a gallon (boy wouldn't we love to see that again). My oldest son texted me early this morning and demanded I go get gas then as well as any empty gas cans. I finally told him I some other things to do right then Then I went to a little convenience store about a mile away to gas my F-150, since it was on 1/4 tank. Also took along 3 cans. This little store is the local gathering place for all the local nesters to gossip and smoke. There were two cars ahead of me and several in line for the pump to my right. By the time I had filled up, there were at least 10 cars waiting on the side of the highway. Later I went out on an errand and every station that had gas was "wrapped up" with cars. One of the local distributors said that there is no reason to panic, they are running trucks 24 hours a day to get stations filled up. The problem is with the storage tanks near Houston and they haven't been able to reach them to get their loads. One station near me was charging $2.49/gallon for regular, but when they ran out of it, they started selling premium for $3.99/gallon. I think they're being reported to the Texas Attorney General for price gouging. Hopefully all this will be done soon.
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    I've heard about the fuel lines on other forums. Supposed to be because of the hurricane.

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