The dreaded hesitation at 1800 rpm

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    Here is my story, went to do hub bearing replacement and left the radio on for a few days or the cab light on both batteries died, so I went to jump it wouldn't jump put a battery charger on it for a day and it was very hard to start but finely it did but ran very rough wouldn't rev up much at all so I changed the ICP not the pig tail ran truck ran great problem solved so I thought, drove about 7 miles and on the return trip started the stalling briefly and it would cut out so read about a few suggestions here changed the oil and filter and fuel filter, still have the miss/hesitation changed the CPS nothing changed

    The hesitation only happens in drive or under a load if I rev the engine in neutral it doesn't do it?

    stats on the truck 147k 1999 7.3 super duty 4x4 not a daily driver it will sit for sometimes a few days if not a week or two and then there are times its a daily driver. This is the second ICP I have put on the truck.

    and its not throwing any codes

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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