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Apr 17, 2005
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According to the information I found on my truck (2002 F-350 SD CrewCab DRW, 7.3L Diesel, Auto Trans)
truck total wt = 6,577#
Payload = 4,620#
GVWR = !!,200#
The GCWR = 20,000#
(Gross Combination Weight Rating including truck weight, passengers, cargo and the loaded trailer)

But the Max Loaded Trailer Weight = 12,400#
How do you arrive at a max trailer of 12,400# plus GVWR of 11,200# and remain under the GCWR of 20,000#? Am I missing something, or just not understanding what these numbers are?

We are looking at a new 5th wheel trailer that weights 16,000#. Our old 5th wheel weights just under 9,000#. What can I do to my truck to increase my max towing weight? I will have disc brakes on the trailer to help with down grades.

Thanks for the help.

I hate to tell you this, but you will not be very happy with your current truck and the 16K trailer. First you will be over the 26K GCWR limit that may require you to get a CDL depending on your state. You will be way overloaded to the tune of 7200 lbs if everything is maxed out. Based on 20% pin weight you will probably be over your trucks CCC (payload). Last, as I had a 7.3 DRW 4:10 and used to pull a 12K trailer with it. I know from experience that the truck brakes will be the weak link, and along with the trans. Things will brake - it will be just a matter of time.

Sorry but I understand the numbers, It just does not add up. For a 16K trailer your into a new special built F350 DRW or better get a F450 that Ford de-rates to fit under the fed regulations. Then you would be safe.

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