Transmission input shaft "failure"

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    Hello all –

    I have a 2016 F-350 FX4 SRW King Ranch with ~ 88,000 miles on it. The truck is a daily driver and spends most of the time on highway. It has been used to tow light loads ~9 times in 3 years. These consisted of a 26’ boat 4 times, an 18’ dump trailer 2 times, a 17’ boat a total of 15 miles, and a 12’ U-Haul from AZ to KY. All of the loads are obviously WAY below what the vehicle is rated for. The only change from stock is the installation of 35 x 12.5 tires.

    Last week while merging after exiting the highway there was a “bang” and the RPM’s shot up. I immediately let off the gas, coasted for a minute than tried again. Nothing but an RPM increase, nothing going to transmission. I coasted to a parking lot and called for a tow to the local dealership.

    The next day I was informed that I had been “mislead” by my salesman in AZ when I purchased the truck who pointed to the warranty information manual where it said diesel engine warranty and said that since I have the diesel and it is a different powertrain that the powertrain is covered to 100,000 miles. Apparently only the diesel engine itself is covered to 100,000 and the transmission gets the same warranty as the one in the Festiva.

    Today they called and informed me that the issue was caused due to an input shaft “failure” (read broke). The remedy was to replace the transmission at a cost of ~$7,000.

    After hearing this I contacted Ford Customer Affairs because there is no way that an input shaft that is rated at 1,400 ft/lbs of input torque should have “failed” on a vehicle with the mileage and usage of mine. They promptly told me that it is outside warranty and that since they have not had this failure documented it couldn’t be a manufacturing defect. That seems counter intuitive based upon my engineering experience in both manufacturing and high end medical systems.

    I guess my questions are these:

    Has anyone heard of this issue happening?

    Does anyone have any input as to possible causes (defective manufacturing aside)?

    Has anyone replaced the transmission on one of these?

    If so how difficult was it, do they have any instructions, were there any special tools involved?

    I have extensive experience pulling and building engines, in just about anything you can name so I have the ability to do it myself. I just have no experience working on diesels, and I have never replaced a transmission on one of these.

    Thoughts and input are appreciated.
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    I'm sure you could get a tranny, R & R yours, but I believe if you don'y Have an IDS interface the tranny would have to go to a dealer or a shop that has the capability to program it. Pretty much only the light bulbs are plug and Play.
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    You might want to look at the ATS transmissions for the 6R140
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    First thing I would do is check your warranty guide. in there you will also find who to contact. (embellishment required; lay it on thick)
    Next, take it to a qualified trans tech for complete diagnostics.
    Between these two you should be able to work out a compromise. Cost should be between $2.5K & $4K

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