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    Replacement Shocks

    Take a look what's available, deside what you want to spend, see what the reviews are.
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    2019 6.7L Diesel additives?

    Do some research, but from all indications the low sulfur fuel lacks the lubricity that our trucks really need.
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    So I saw a SD with what looked to be the standard grille configuration, except the two large bars had diamond ventilation slots, if you will. I'm not sure if this is a factory issued grille, or after market. I've seen them as a stick on accessory but it is only for looks not function. Anyone...
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    Tech Info

    Is the link still active?
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    Question Topper color

    I have a White SB 350 and am looking for a white topper with the tail step extension on the door. I'd go with white.
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    ceramic bearing turbo

    Thanks great read!
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    14 F350 Nav update

    Ok thanks guess I'll just bite the bullet!
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    Turbo, when did it change?

    That would be fantastic! Thank you.
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    Question What did you do to your truck today?

    Wire wheeled the front driveshaft, sprayed rust converter, then painted it, also did the control arms and front axle. Fluid filmed the bed wheel arches and bed support channels along with any hole under the truck I could find! Added The banks Data monster and ram air intake a couple weeks back.
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    Turbo, when did it change?

    So I have a 2014 6.7 SD SRW , it was born in late 13. I am trying to figure out if it has the turbo that had the bearing issue. I continually watch the EGT so I don't shut it down to hot. I generally wait till it hit 400 degs before shutting down. Does anyone know how to tell? Thanks in advance...
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    Important Information for 2013-2014 Superduty Owners

    Been looking for it but can not find it. What's up with that?
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    2015 f250

    Check out banks power. The R & D they do is extensive and impressive, to me. I put in the Ram air from them on my 14 6.7 and an IDash. My 6.7 started at 11600 when I got it in late may. It wasn't driven much for three years. Had the oil tested, not so good, dumped it and then it got the full...
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    Transmission input shaft "failure"

    I'm sure you could get a tranny, R & R yours, but I believe if you don'y Have an IDS interface the tranny would have to go to a dealer or a shop that has the capability to program it. Pretty much only the light bulbs are plug and Play.
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    Question What did you do to your truck today?

    Just getting to this. Yesterday I wire wheeled the drive shaft, cleaned it, and sprayed rust converter on it, two coats. Hit a few other areas also. Checked tire pressure, and increased the rear, based on the door tag, Wow 80psi rear, 65psi front. May have to relearn TPS!

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