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    Tire Balance

    Anyone have any idea what the acceptable lbs for a tire on a road force balance machine? They are BFG KO 35's
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    F250 Super duty 6.0 cold engine miss?

    I have the same issue. hope someone has been through it to help out.
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    Bully Dog

    Do you know if that program (SCT) will work even with the latest flash from Ford? What about the Edge Products? And no, I do not have the old intake box. Have you heard negative things about K&N?
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    Bully Dog

    signature edited, Thanks
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    Bully Dog

    I have had this programmer for about four yrs now and after my recent service it does not produce the same power as before. I believe my truck was flashed by ford. I called Bullydog but they were no help and said there was nothing they could do. Looking for options. Can't live without the power...
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    Compass Reading...Not

    Looking to see if anyone has had an issue with the compass not working or working sometimes in the head console.
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    Hello all, I currently own a F350 super duty. Just wanted to say hello and find out the latest & greatest.