08 F350 6.4 Fuel strainer end.


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Sep 3, 2020
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08 F350 KingRanch 6.4L fuel sender strainer busted and was sucking air once at 1/4. Has anyone found the just fuel strainer replacement. I find them for 7.3 and 6.0 but nothing for 6.4L . This would be a single tank inside frame rails just before rear axle on a 4dr king ranch with short bed.Do they put a completely entire different tank and sender in just models with 6.4 so that you can not use the 6.0/7.3 strainers? I clamped the check valve assembly back on the sender tube end temporarily so truck could be used till found new strainer end. The Strainer part was busted off completely and tank was clean.Changed WIF and fuel filter , added 10 gal and its back up and going after air bled.As long as keep at least 1/2 tank it is fine and runs great.
Has anyone else replaced just the strainer end on a 6.4 and do you have the part number it was done with?Called ford and seems they do not offer just strainer. I find these for 7.3 and 6.0 but no mention for 6.4. Dorman 904-419 seems to be part number but only says for 7.3/6.0. and seems to degrade
Seeing if others have had done this and just replaced the plastic strainer tip and what/where they got strainer from.
searched and only found one post for this for dec 2011.

Thanks for help in advance