5E Diesel and ODRA Dyno Day Sat. July, 19th

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    ODRA and 5E Diesel Dyno "Night" at Hot Street in Burleson Hot Street - Performance Corner 817-551-6675 on Sat. July 19th

    Cash Payout and a Plaque will be awarded for the Highest Horspower in each of the 3 Classes: Payout coutesy of ODRA, FASS and NADM.

    Unlimited (801-up) $200
    Super Street (451-800hp) $100
    Street (0-450hp) $100

    Doors open at 5:00pm and we will run til we're done.

    the Dyno is a DynoCom
    $50* for 3 Pulls Hp/Trq.
    (no need to remove outers on duallies)

    *If you would like a $10 off voucher and did not get one at the race this past weekend (June 21st) at Redline order your ODRA sticker today in the "store" section on the Home homepage and we will mail you one.

    We look forward to seeing everyone soon!!
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    Beat the Heat
    July 2008 ODRA/5E Diesel Dyno Night
    Thanks to everyone who came out and/or participated at our “Beat the Heat” All Diesel Dyno Night in Burleson at Hot Street (Hot Street - Performance Corner 817-551-6675). We had more than 50 trucks show along with 100+ spectators. Throughout the night 38 trucks entered the competition to win the Cash and Plaques. The event was broken up into three different classes based on horsepower: Street Class (0-450hp), Super Street (451-800) and Unlimited (801+hp). Buck Hyndman won the Unlimited Class in a 1998 Dodge with a 851.6hp pull along with $200 and a Plaque. Ray Salters won the Super Street Class in a 2001 Dodge with a 788.2hp pull and Kevin Mabe won the Street Class in a 2001 Dodge with a 449.2hp pull. Both Ray and Kevin won $100 and a Plaque for Winning their Classes.

    Ray Salter, Kevin Mabe and Buck Hyndman

    Dyno Results:

    Name Vehicle HP
    Buck Hyndman 2005 Dodge 660
    Dillon Miller 2005 Dodge 656
    Jake Lowe 2006 Dodge 336
    Kevin Mabe 2001 Dodge 449
    Eli Randolph 2004 Dodge 406
    Kyle Hicks 2003 Dodge 495
    Cody Black Dodge 730
    Chris Braks 2007 Dodge 445
    Robert Keniston 2003 GMC 513
    Alex Prudhomme 2005 Dodge 650
    Nate Lucas 2004 Dodge 364
    Justin Trammell 2004 Dodge 482
    Waylon Pearce 2003 Dodge 429
    Adam Wolf 2005 Dodge 497
    John Stephenson 2007 Ford 438
    Ronald Burke 2005 Dodge 527
    Brandon Flaming 2003 Dodge 582
    Michael Glassow 2004 Dodge 461
    Eric Broschk 2003 Dodge 533
    Buck Hyndman 1998 Dodge 851
    Travis Fisher 2001 Dodge 511
    Jake Owens 2005 Dodge 484
    JB Hale 2005 Dodge 367
    Ray Salters 2001 Dodge 788
    Clay Welch 1995 Ford 387
    Patsy Salters 2005 Dodge 482
    Rowland Johnson 2002 Dodge 573
    James Kirby 1982 Chevy 218
    Robert McKlemurry 2004 Dodge 532
    Kris Craft 2001 Dodge 385
    Larry Maupin 2002 Dodge 636
    Dustin West 2005 Dodge 619
    Matt Folson 2004 Dodge 543
    Lenny Piggott 2001 Dodge 543
    Phillip Waddell 2007 Dodge 454
    Alvis Coleman 2001 Dodge 660
    David Millike 1998 Dodge 486
    Mike Myers 2006 Dodge 456




    *pic/videos are in the "garage" section of Home

    Thanks to Hot Street (Hot Street - Performance Corner 817-551-6675) for a excellent night. Thanks to all of the ODRA Members, Charlie and his crew from (Dodge Diesel - Diesel Truck Resource - Cummins - Home) and to everyone who made this event. Thanks to all of our sponsors: 5E Diesel 817-528-2166, FASS FASS Fuel Air Separation System - fassride.com - The Official FASS Website , rowdy , Diesel Performance Parts From Cyclone Mfg. Inc. , Performance Diesel , James Transmission Technology - (972) 467-3702 - Home , High Performance Diesel - Texas Diesel Power - For all your diesel needs , AREA DIESEL SERVICE, INC. , Bully Dog Site | Home , Untitled Document

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