Buying & Selling Items - EVERYONE PLEASE READ!!

Discussion in 'Everything non-Truck For Sale' started by CHPMustang, Dec 27, 2007.

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    When buying and selling items on this website, Please check and do the following:

    1. Get the persons complete Name, Address, Phone, email (contact information) Not just their screen name or paypal address.

    2. Describe the items IN DETAIL, any imperfections in the products, scratches, dents, dings, etc....take photos of ALL angles if possible, exchange photos and get questions answered BEFORE sending any money.

    3. Payments - Try and use Paypal, if you have problems with the items, you can always dispute the payment until resolved with the other party and/or get your money back.

    4. If possible send it INSURED, SIGNATURE Required and/or Delivery Confirmation, then you know when/if the person receives it. If it gets lost, as least you can file a claim with the carrier. Sometimes items do get lost and do show up late, we have items sent Priority mail and delivered 2 weeks later.???

    5. Also, check on your items being shipped after a week, if you haven't received them, notify the seller to make sure they were sent or when will they be shipped.

    6. COMMUNICATION is the key, EVERYONE, please keep the other party informed of the status. Don't wait 1-3 months if you did receive the item/s.

    7. Check the Sellers Rating (if they have one) on here (or if anyone knows on other sites) for Positive or Negative comments.

    8. SuperDutyDiesel is NOT responsible for any problems encountered between seller and buyer. All we can do is get an email address from the account on here, normally we don't have any other info from the accounts unless posted in the forums.

    9.ALSO, if you have SOLD it, Please post a "REPLY" to your original message and state SOLD....OR NOTIFY US and We will remove the Thread from the listings for you.

    10. Make sure when posting your Marketplace ad to be sure to set your "Thread Subscription" to "Daily" or "Instant email notification" so you can answer inquiries from interested buyers promptly.

    11. If you are a new user and have 0 posts, do not even attempt to list an item for sale in our community, it will be deleted. Please, our site is not a classified advertising dump. We all know each other and quite possible have helped each other build our trucks.

    To keep the Listings current we will be removing listings after 90 Days.

    Thanks! ;tu
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