FYI Door Sensor Cleaning/Install (*How To*)

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Feb 27, 2014
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Ok so to start every one has an issue with these being cleaned or needing replacing, this will help you either clean it or change it if the WD40 dosent work.

first things first tools, i used a flat head a Tork bit a 10 mm and 8 mm wrench and socket.

before you start this unless your doing all doors find out what door is having the issue, for this one it was my pass door so we will be doing it, but all the doors work the same.

pop off the black cover for the mirror bolts, the door pannel needs to slide up

first pry up the controls panel from the front and disconnect. there is a bolt there mine was 8mm

pry off the refector, there is a bolt there mine was 8mm, there are no more bolts.

slide up the door pannel, the reflector light will need to be removed so dont yank it, twist the whole bulb assy and remove

there is little black cover that has two plastic screw set ins, remove screws and and pull the top toward you slide it off to the sid can pull the plastic cover over the door back

remove the yellow plastic clip holding the door lock rod to the door

also remove the yellow tab holding the wires to the door, you will need the extra slack

unbolt the 10mm bolt for the window guide slide the guide end toward the door hole opening

there is a yellow flip back lock for the door lock rod undo it and remove the rod, you cant see them but there is a flip lock for the door handle unlock it and remove the rod, right next to it is a rod that goes to the door lock remove it from the white lock.

next is remove the three tork bolts that hold the lock in, slide the lock and actuator assy down to the door opening.

there is a pin that holds the sensor in place, i removed the lock actuator so you can see this better. there is a tab there that says TAB, put your flat head in there and twist, then twist the sensor toward the flat head.

here is the sensor causing the problems, you can either clean it or install a new one at this time, i used a new one.

now twist it back till it locks in

you can either check this by starting the truck and and press and depress the sensor and see if the old sensor will still work, now reassemble the door in reverse order, enjoy.


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