Question F-250 or F-350??

Discussion in 'Towing & Transportation' started by FSupperSchuttler, Aug 13, 2015.

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    Hello out there Supper Duty Fans… I am going to be a new owner of a Supper Duty Diesel truck soon.. I need some help in finding out what F-series I am going to need for what I am planning on doing for the next 5 to 10 years. I am planning on buying a 5th wheel that weighs about 14,000 fully loaded. I want to know if pulling the 5th wheel with a F250 will do just fine, or do I have to get a F350 to do the job.. I know people out there will say if you don’t want to feel that your pulling something behind you, go with the F-350. I really don’t at first want to have to get a 350 if I don’t have to. I need some real help in this area. It will not be a new one either. I am looking at a two to Three year old truck with low mileage. I also want since I have heard the only best about the 6.7L 8clylinder Diesel is the way to go.. I need to know is crew Cab or supper Cab bigger. Should I go long bed, or Short bed.. I need lots of room in the back seating for a pet carrier for two Cats… Please help me figure this out. I know the bigger the Better is always the way to go, but I need to know if 250 will be Just fine for me… Thank you for your help in this matter… Mark

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