How To: Fix Boost Leaks

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    Boost leaks can drain your engine of power and MPG. While we dont drive hybrids, we still like to get reasonable fuel economy so we can use our money for go fast parts rather than fuel.

    Fixing boost leaks is easy and often cheap if not free.

    The first thing you need to do is determine if you have boost leaks, by creating a boost leak detector. I have attached a video that how to make one below. It is quite easy and costs less than $10 from Lowes.

    Also important is closing up the common leak points. These are the intercooler boots 90% of the time. I bought aftermarket boots from Riffraff, and have had no problems.

    To go along with those, Riffraff supplied me with a set of plenum inserts which are used to reinforce the intake plenum, another common leak point, so that you can clamp down harder to seal up any potential leaks, and increase your maximum boost pressure if that is your goal.

    Along with some smaller items here and there, follow these videos and you will seal up your boost leaks and recover your power and efficiency.
    When I installed my intake plenum inserts, I gained 3-4mpg that I didnt know I was loosing.
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    Nice, easy tool. Thanks Trey!


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