FYI Multifunction Switch(Wipers+TS)


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Jul 9, 2009
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chesapeake virginia
If you are having problems with your wipers misbehaving, before you buy another multifunction switch, I am going to show you how to troubleshoot it, and in most cases, fix the problem or determine it is something else.

Please read all the way through before performing.

Refer to the pictures in my gallery for clarification.

First, you will need:
A knife
Small flat screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver
Brake Cleaner/Contact cleaner
Diaelectric grease
Paper Towels

1. Using your knife, carefully pry the cap off the end of the multifunction switch.

2. You will see a phillips head screw, with your hand underneath the knob of the multifunction switch, carefully unscrew the screw a half turn.

3. Push the knob of the multifunction switch as far down the lever as you can, unscrew the phillips screw !DO NOT LET THE KNOB GO!

4. Using both hands, one underneath, and one on the knob, remove it from the lever.

5. Carefully use your jewellers screwdriver to push down as you pull down the tension spring. NOTE: it has two brass caps-get them both out.

6. You will see a white piece of plastic in the end, it has contacts on it that can be bent very easily, so carefully remove it, set it aside.

7. You should see the circuit board now, and it should have what looks like dirty earwax inside, that is what we will be cleaning off.

8. For reasons obvious later, remove the cover on the back of the multifunction lever with your knife.

NOTE: While everything is apart, use a mirror, or VERY GENTLY, tug on the wires that run inside the lever individually to insure they are connected. If one freely comes off, you found the issue- needs to be replaced or re-sodered. If you see evidence of arc-ing on your circuit board or the white plastic piece, you need a new switch. Do NOT use your goliath strength to tug on these wires! REREAD!

9. Cleaning: First the white plastic piece-just spray it down with brake cleaner until all the "earwax" comes off.

Second, place a towel into the opening on the rear of your multifunction lever. lightly spray contact cleaner inside the lever@ the circuit board, or use a q-tip doused in cleaner to get it. I did both!

Third wipe down the outer surface where the knob sits.

10. Generously apply diaelectric grease to the tension spring, it will keep it in the lever.

11. Apply diaelectric grease generously with a qtip to the circuit board and the outside of the lever, where the knob resides.

12. Place white plastic piece with contacts back in. Take care to align tab of the plastic piece with the stop inside the lever rotated back towards you.

13. Carefully place spring in end of plastic piece.

14. Place knob on end. There is a slot on it, so that you may align it with the white plastic piece. Make sure that your selector is aligned on the knob/lever to the off position. Jiggle it until it pushes all the way down, DO NOT FORCE!

15. Replace screw, if it doesnt turn easily, back it out and try again.

16. Replace cap and lever back.

Hope this helps you! Also try your fuse. Wiper fuse is the bottom left 10A fuse under your steering wheel. Jiggle it/apply pressure (with wipers on/key in acc position) and see if your wipers will work. If they do, remove fuse, clean up the contacts, put a slight outward bend in one and re-insert. Problem solved!

While you are under there, if your radio occasionally cuts off, try the 30A fuse left side halfway up. Jiggle it/apply pressure (radio on/key in acc position) and see if your radio cuts out. If it does, remove fuse, clean up the contacts, put a slight outward bend in one and re-insert. Problem solved!