On the engine, aftermarket turbo wheel install


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Apr 6, 2005
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The commonly refered to, Wicked Wheel, Turbo Compressor wheel can be installed without removeing the turbo from the engine. It can be done with common hand tools and basic mechanical ability.

Here Ya Go:

Tools needed:

1/4" drive, ratchet.

1/4" drive, 12 point, 5/16 socket.

1/4" drive, 4" extension & 6" "wobbley" extension.

Phillips Screwdriver. (#6)

An 8 & 10mm socket.

5/8 box end wrench.


1. Remove ALL of the Intake tubing, exsposeing the turbo inlet.

2. Remove the 2 bolts from the CCV intake mount. move the CCV, as required, to remove the CCV hose from the mount.

3. Move the CCV hose, exsposeing the 2 phillips screws on the CCV filter (on the valve cover). Remove the CCV filter from the valve cover. (watch for the O rings)

4. Loosen the "V" clamp that connects the turbo to the "Y" pipe.

5. Loosen The "V" clamp that connects the turbo to the down (exhaust) pipe.

6. Remove the 2 bolts that hold the Wastegate actuator to the turbo, move it up and back.

7. Remove all the bolts (5/16ths) from the turbo houseing. (you will need the 6" wobbley to remove the bottom back bolt, due to the valve cover) Split the turbo, exsposeing the stock turbo wheel.

8. Take a break.

9. With a screwdriver, wrapped with tape (I use a piece of soft wood), insert it in the exhaust side of the turbo. Catch one of the vanes, with the 5/8ths wrench, loosen the stock wheel, remove by hand (left to loosen, use a clean rag, the vanes are razor sharp, ). Install the Wicked Wheel, Torque to 10 inch pounds (or, real snug. it's tightening, in it's direction of rotation)

Reverse these Dis-assembly procedure and yer dun.

HINTS: I loosen bolts with a ratchet, then use a cordless screwdriver to back everything out. Same in re-assembly, then Tighten with the ratchet.
Be >Clean< about the whole install, clean as you go. The Turbo is a Precision component part.

After the install, and after 4 or 5 warm-up cool-downs, check and re-tighten all turbo houseing bolts. I use Red Loc-tite.

BIG HINT: Print these instructions, go out to yer truck/X, walk yerself thru them. Soak the "V" clamps the night before with penatrateing oil or diesel.

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