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Discussion in 'Forum Rules' started by CHPMustang, Nov 2, 2007.

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    As a courtesy to other Forum members, please append your signature to only one post per thread. Some restraint also would be appreciated in the number and size of images you include in your signature. If the pictures are too large, they cause horizontal scrolling issues and make threads more difficult for everybody to read. If you include multiple pictures in your signature, you make the threads slow to load and more difficult to read.

    Placing a link to your personal website (Non-commercial) is okay.
    Link/s in your signature to your preferred retailers that are not SuperDutyDiesel Supporting Vendors is not permitted,
    for it's the Supporting Vendors that keep the Discussion Forums power on.

    Graphics,images,links and phrases which are sexually explicit or suggestive should not be posted on the forum, in the image gallery, used as avatars, or in signatures.
    No linking or posting of pornographic or objectionable material. Period.

    Signatures that violate the rules may be edited by Site Staff with or without warning.
Thread Status:
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