Trying to verify bad CPS

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    Truck shuts off very randomly. It will start again, even without cycling the key, and sometimes it seems to do the same thing 5-7 times in a row, sometimes it won't do it again no matter how far I drive it. It should be noted: it never seems to do it cold. I did pull the trouble codes and I did have a P0344, which makes me believe I need to change the CPS (I think mine might be original at over 100K mileage).

    I have Forscan and an OBD dongle, and I managed to capture the stalling after a 25 minute warm up. I can post a screen shot, but right from the get go the CMPLev is "low" and remains that way from key on to stall to starting again conditions. the CMPStat says "OK" the whole time. I feel pretty certain that it's the CPS that's giving me this issue, but I've not heard of a lot that were erratic.

    I spend most of my time over at OilBurners as I'm a former IDI owner, but I upgraded some time ago to a 1995 F350 CC DRW.

    Any input is appreciated, I can and will post
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    Just change it, they don't always quit completely.

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