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  • Easy base line check for the turbo... does it spin easily with you fingers?... any noise?... if your getting fuel outside the engine then you have a leak.. and you need to find it before trying to start your truck... the noise or tapping sound could have been from the injector (S) running out of fuel... need to find the leak...
    Hi Frankenstine, I came home from work today and cranked my truck to see what color the smoke was, it is white. When I cranked it I did not here the tapping sound that I heard last night but white smoke everywhere, tailpipe and under engine, also diesel fuel running down the turbo pipe about 2'' in dia. that comes from the turbo and goes down behind the engine between engine and firewall on the drivers side. This truck had a wiring harness fire under the hood and on top of the engine, I replaced everything on top of the engine except the turbo. I also replaced all of the fuel line o-rings. The driver side valve cover got hot enough to melt the injector solenoid plug on the front injector. Judging from the info you replyed with it seems to me the injector o-rings on that side would be the first place to start. Does that sound logical to you? Also does it sound like I may have blown the turbo knowing that it got pretty hot during the fire?
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