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    7.3L Powerstroke Oil Leaks: High Pressure Pump Fitting Repair

    Thanks I like how this one came out, I think it will help out allot of owners with this common repair.
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    6.0L Powerstroke No Start: Aftermarket Oil Filters

    Only thing we had done at that point was the oil change, debri clean out and change IPR all big money adds up fast.
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    Cluster Radio Power Windows all Inop

    Yes the cluster has to be programmed for future reference, we put in junk yard clusters for customers all the time.
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    Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Oil Leak: Turbo Pedestal Seal Replacement

    Now these are one of the most common oil leak spots on the 7.3L. While it may look buried they are actually the second easiest turbo to remove in the powerstroke family, In this video I walk you through the procedure to replace the turbo pedestal seals and get that leak stopped the right way...
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    6.0L Egr Valve Cleaning Procedure Black Smoke P0401 P0402 P0404

    In this video I go over the proper cleaning procedure for the 6.0l Egr Valve. These valve are prone to sticking in the open or closed positions due to sticky carbon common on these engines. Even with all the pcm calibration improvements this is still a common issue. Here I show you how Ford...
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    No Start: Ford 6.0L Powerstroke FICM Diagnosis & Replacement

    Now this has been a real common issue ever since Ford went to the inductive heating strategy for cold starts. Symptoms of a failing FICM are hard to start cold, no start cold and sometimes rough idle and die out upon starting cold. In this video I show you how it sounds and more importantly how...
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    6.0L Powerstroke No Start: Aftermarket Oil Filters

    I am sure this has been talked about before but here is a real good example of just why we don't use aftermarket filters at the dealer. Things can get real expensive real quick on the 6.0l. Hope this helps illustrate what can happen.
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    7.3L Powerstroke Oil Leaks: High Pressure Pump Fitting Repair

    Now this is a more common leak point on the 7.3L than just about all the rest. I have seen many throughout the years leaking very bad. If you haven't replace these yet with the updated parts I would keep a very close eye on them.
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    7.3L Powerstroke Large Oil Leaks Repair

    End Rail Plug Part # 4C3Z-6026-CA Loctite #277 on the threads. Torque Plug to 60 ft lbs.
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    Cruise Control Inoperative Diagnose

    Yes but it only got replace if the old switch was leaking at the time of the recall.
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    6.7L Powerstroke Turbo Removal Procedure

    This sucker is the biggest pain in the butt to remove from step one and will have you dreaming of the old days of 6.0l Turbo that come out in 20min no fuss. I got so frustrated that I turned the camera off in the end while fighting it out of the tight hole it is down in. So there is no reinstall...
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    7.3L Powerstroke Large Oil Leaks Repair

    In this video I go over a common oil leak on the 7.3L. It is one that is often misdiagnosed at least initially as all other oil seepages on the engine go right past this one on their way out the engine valley and down the backside of the engine collecting on the bellhousing. If you have a good...
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    No Start: High Pressure Oil Pump & Fitting Removal

    Yeah I need to start doing that again.
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    No Start: IPR Bad? Few Checks You Can Do

    I get allot of questions on just what to check when you get the ipr off the vehicle so you know if it is bad or not. In this video I go over what to look for in depth with an example of how a failure looks.

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