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    Diesel Additive for 6.7

    What does everyone use for keeping your engine/fuel system/gas mileage in their 6.7 running top notch? I have been using Hot Shots Secrets Everyday Diesel Treatment, and Hot Shots Secret Diesel Oil additive to the oil.
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    Need Torque data on Rear Shocks on 2013 F250 Super Duty 6.7 4x4

    I have a 2013 F-250 Super Duty Diesel 6.7 XLT 4x4. and have changed the front shocks, and now changing the rear ones. Does anyone have a manual that shows the exact torque for the rear top & lower bolts? Also, do you think I may snap off the top stud, in I use an impact gun to break them lose?
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    Truck Parts & Tires

    Is there a cheaper site than Rock Auto, for buying parts like shocks etc, and is there a cheaper place to buy tire than Tire Rack?
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    Replacement Shocks

    I have 1 shock leaking on front left side, and was wondering what replacement to use. Should I just replace with standard OEM shocks or something better. Are KYB Gas A Just 554347 shocks good shocks. And are the front shocks easy to change while on ground?
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    P207F Error Code

    I have a 2013 6.7 Super Duty. I was shopping today, got back in truck, started it, and notice an “engine” light on. I had no other errors or alarms. Nothing was coming up concerning DEF. I checked error code, and it was P207F. Looking online concerning that code, and it was always related to...
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    Best Oil for Engine Life

    Trying to find what oil is used most by everyone.
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    Sea Foam

    Has anyone ever used Sea Foam in their truck, and if so, was there any difference. Just went to Hilton Head last week in my wife's Ford Escape. On the way down from Michigan I was getting 25-26 mpg. Before I left Hilton Head, for home in Michigan, I threw in a can of Sea Foam, I was getting...
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    Wanted to Buy Sync 1 Nav Radio

    I have a 2013 F-250 Super Duty that has the basic 1 line digital readout, with voice commands and Sirrius Radio. Looking for a Sync 1 Navigation system with voice commands capabilities and Sirious.
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    Trip Meter Problem won't Clear

    I went to clear Trip Meter B, then went to reset and let go of clear button before it completed, since I realized I was making a mistake, and didn't want clear it. A yellow box superimposed over the trip meter and will not go away. Even if I shut truck off, or leave it off overnite.
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    Stealth Module

    I usually do 65-70 on highway. I baby all my vehicles.
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    Stealth Module

    I am looking for comments and performance data on mpg changes when purchasing and installing a Stealth Module on a 2013 Powerstroke Turbo 6.7 I am averaging around 13 or so in town and 15-16 on highway. I will be towing a 14,000 lb. 5th wheel from Michigan to Arizona in end of December and...
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    Removing EGR System & DEF

    Great, I sure thought that I would get alot more responses than just 1. Not sure whether to do it or not. 1-2 miles per gallon doesn't seem like much for the $2500 investment, and do you have any problem with a Ford dealership working on it, when you take it in for service, for any reason...
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    Removing EGR System & DEF

    I was just talking to a person that does the removal of the above along with the tuner stuff. I was explaining to him that I just bought this 2013 F250 Super Duty XLT with the 6.7 Turbo Diesel engine, and was asking his opinion on extended warranties. He asked how many miles was on my truck...
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    LED Headlight Bulbs

    I have a 2013 F250 Super Duty, and hate the yellowish lights. Is it possible to swap out the headlight bulbs for the BRIGHT ones, without having to add something other than the bulb? I see tons of them listed on Ebay if I search F-250 truck. If so, is there any videos on changing them, and...
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    New to Diesel - Questions

    Yea, I baby everything that I own. Any reason to put injector cleaner in, or leave it alone? Don't want to cause the injectors to clog, because I may dislodge some crap in the fuel line.