2017 Ford F250

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    I would just leave it alone since its just a lease. Who knows what they would charge you at the end of your lease.
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    If you have ever tried to pass some slow big rigs on a 2 lane road, just to hit the speed limiter and not get around them and have to brake and get back in the line, you will understand why speed limiters can be just as dangerous as not having them in place, the speed rating of a tire is designed for long duration's at speeds above 117 in most cased, ( almost all tires have a rating of at least 117 these days) a burst of speed above that for short term, Like passing a trunk, is not the intent of a speed rated tire.
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    If you are on a 2 lane road, which should be 55-60MPH limit at the most, and you need to break 100MPH to pass them, then you shouldn't be passing in the first place. If that truck is doing the posted limit, or a couple miles under, then you shouldn't be passing, since you are already going as fast as you should be. If they are doing 40-45 and you have to break 100MPH to pass and get back in line, you shouldn't be passing, as the oncoming traffic is to close. To pass properly, you should have enough room to pass safely, at the posted limit. Meaning, what you are passing should be going SIGNIFICANTLY under the posted limit. The "I just don't want to be behind this damn truck" is not a reason to pass if they are at the speed limit, and definitely not an excuse to push double the speed limit. If they are "in your way" running the posted speed limit, YOU are the problem, not them. I have lived in farm country all my life, and being behind something slower is just the way it is. No reason to put many lives in danger because you can not be patient........
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