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Sep 9, 2009
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I think it is the only option at this time. I would prefer synthetic filter media with synthetic oil. Who makes the filter for Ford?

MJ Synthetics

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Mar 11, 2009
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So Calif
Due to a lack of communication by the potential participants I was never able to get this test off the ground. I am willing to give it one more shot if some people are willing to participate. You guys & gals have to let me know if you want to participate and then be able to have results from the test to look at.


william maynard

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Jul 23, 2020
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Volunteer needed!

I would like to do a test here on SDD for everybody to see and watch the results unfold before our eyes. I would need to get a volunteer that does not currently use synthetic oils but have been thinking of switching to synthetics and extending their Oil Change Interval (OCI) such as Frankenstein. You may have been skeptical about doing such a switch and extending OCI to this point because the 6.0L PSD is known to shear oil down very fast.

If you want to make the switch to synthetic for this test and are willing to post your lab results as well as add your personal commentary for all of us to see I want to talk to you. Please PM me and lets talk about doing this with your truck.

You would normally buy oil to do your oil changes anyway so I will supply you the oil and a filter (if you choose to use the Filter from me) at dealer cost (the price I pay for it). To make things easier for sampling I will give you a Fumoto Valve to install on your oil pan to make taking samples much easier and cleaner. I will pay for 5 lab tests (20.00 fees) if you want to have a TBN test you pay the 10.00 additional for that and you pay the shipping costs for the tests. You post each lab result here for all to see and add your commentary if any. Once your lab results are posted I will pay you the 20.00 for that lab fee or we can settle up at the end of the test. This will allow you to figure out if you can get 10k or more out of the oil safely using the lab as the guide. We can all watch the oil shear down together and see how far it goes and if the lab says to change the oil during the test you change unless we get to 15k then you change anyway. We will use Blackstone Labs for this test because they would be an unbiased testing facility and you will get a commentary about your oil from their resident expert.


• You must have a Ford Powerstroke Diesel 6.0L engine.
• You must not currently use synthetic oil in your engine.
• You must be willing to go at least 10k miles on this one oil change as long as the lab says your oil is good and to continue use.
• You must currently not have gone more than 5k miles on any oil changes in the last 2 years
• You must have 25k or more miles on your truck
• Use Blackstone Labs for the testing.

Test Outline and Procedure;

This test is being performed to see exactly what a change to synthetic oil can do for your diesel trucks engine and your maintenance costs. This test will be completed on the most severe diesel engine of the big 3. This should allow for an unbiased test and allow the truck owner piece of mind by using UOA every 3k miles to keep tabs on his engine and oil rather than have any guess work or personal opinions involved in this test.

Here is my proposal to you the volunteer. Change the oil & filter and install the free Fumoto Valve with nipple and use the supplied Fumoto Valve nipple plug between samples to keep the valve clean and the sample from being contaminated by dirt and possible road grime. Take the first sample at 3000 miles take the second at 6000 miles and change filter top off oil. Take the third sample at 9000 if the lab says that the oil can still be safely run keep it in and test again at 12k if still good by labs results go to 15k take a sample and change oil & filter.

If you don't like the test results and or the oil or the extended drain interval you simply switch back to conventional mineral oil and keep changing your oil as you have been. If this test proves to you that extending OCI can be done safely and you would like to continue using Amsoil Synthetics I will give you a 1 year membership on the Amsoil Preferred Customer program. This will allow you to continue buying at my cost for that year. If you want to extend the membership after the one year is up you pay your renewal fees to extend it beyond that.

PM me if interested in volunteering or donating to sponsor the test. The donations will go to testing fees incurredby the volunteer and the volunteers oil costs after that. This could be a very benificial test to have for future research on this site. Anybody who would like to paypal any amount because you think the test results would be worth that let me know and I will post your name as a sponsor for the test.
i meet all your needs. i have a 2008 e350 diesel stock which i never have run synth in. i change all filters and oil at 3k like religion. i already have a Futomo valve installed as i drain and top off a quart every 1k miles and replace with
de stiction eliminator. i use 4 quarts of Risolene oil additive, reg., (not the hi mileage version) and 2qts. of stiction and then makeup the 15 or so balance with shell rotella.

the truck has +- 125k on it with no mods and no oil use or greater than minor seepage leaks, which are undetectable by volume. i have run it up to 100 mph in short spurts with long cooldowns early after the breakin, but nothing over 75@ 2krpm and easy accel since then.

like to chat about your test.

[email protected]


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